Study problems

If you are having difficulties understanding part of your course or completing assignments, there are several things you can do. One is to discuss the issue with fellow students. In tutorials and sometimes in lectures, you are encouraged to ask questions and in most cases you are expected to direct your questions to the lecturer in front of all other students. If you would rather talk to the lecturer in private, find out when he or she is available to see students, and go to see him or her. Most lecturers have consultation hours during which they receive individual students and if necessary they are also prepared to make an appointment to see students outside these hours. Consultation hours are usually posted on a lecturer’s door or on the general bulletin board in the hall of your faculty.

Faculty academic counselors

Academic counsellors are available to students at all TU faculties. They are involved with everything that has to do with students’ living and academic conditions. Students are always permitted to consult student counsellors, especially when they have encountered problems. The student counsellors can be consulted for:

  • information about the degree course, the educational program and the regulations applying to the degree course,
  • help with academic planning, for instance in cases of a delay in studies,
  • choosing an academic program (subjects),
  • exemption from exams and exam disciplines,
  • the transfer from a polytechnic to university,
  • help with applications for financial support under the Graduation Assistance Regulations or from other TU Delft funds,
  • registering delays in studies, and help with withdrawal and possible refunds in case special circumstances beyond the student's control,
  • advice on discontinuing one’s studies, also for students who wish to leave TU Delft and continue their studies elsewhere,
  • advice on transfers, that is when transferring from degree courses within TU Delft,
  • referral to a student psychologist, a central student counsellor or the TU Delft Career Centre.

See also Academic counsellors Bachelor programmes or Academic counsellors Master programmes.

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