Teaching methods

Lectures usually last two hours and are attended by a large number of students. Due to the size of the audience, the lecturer has little personal interaction with the students. Lectures are often based on literature which is compiled in ‘readers’.

During a tutorial, up to 20 students work on exercise material under the guidance of a lecturer or an assistant. Students can ask questions whenever they need to.

Project education
Project education is mainly aimed at developing students’ problem-solving and cooperation skills. Students work together in small groups (2-10 students) on solving real-life engineering problems. In doing so, students get the opportunity to learn how to handle problems in a real-life context. By working in a project group, students also learn how to make group decisions and how to deal with the many different points of view within a group.

Independent study
As a student, you are also expected to study individually, at home, at your faculty or at the University Library.




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