Restaurants and ‘mensas’

Few restaurants in Delft serve traditional Dutch food, but you can find cuisines from around the world like French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish and Surinamese. The Dutch traditionally have their evening meal between 17.00 – 18.30; most restaurants close at 22.30, and some earlier. Most TU Delft buildings have their own cafeteria, where cold lunches and hot meals are served. 

Downtown, there are some cheap student restaurants (mensa/eettafel) which offer complete dinners for less than €5 (many close in the summer). Cheap meals can also be found in snack bars and grillrooms (great Dutch specialities such as kroket, patatje met and shoarma). A good, but slightly more expensive alternative is eating in a pub. Some Chinese restaurants offer special (cheap) student dishes. For take-away food we recommend most Chinese and Indonesian restaurants and pizzerias. Many have a delivery service. Smakelijk eten! (That’s Dutch for “have a nice meal”.)

‘Eettafels’ offering dinners for less than €5

If you do not feel like cooking, you can get a cheap meal at an eettafel at one of the many student organisations. Members of the various student organisations often eat at their eettafel, but nonmembers are welcome as well. See Here you can also find links to their weekly menu’s.


Restaurants offering dinners for less than €10 As a student city, there are many restaurants in Delft that fit the student budget. 

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