Tourist information

For information about your new city, or any other city in the Netherlands, a good option is to visit the tourist information office or VVV. They can tell you everything about tourism, entertainment and public transport in the Netherlands. They also sell a wide range of gift vouchers and annual memberships to museums, CJPs (see below) as well as theatre and concert tickets.

Discount cards

At most cinemas, theatres and museums you will get a discount with your student campus card (collegekaart). There are also several types of cultural discount cards.

The museum discount card (museum jaarkaart )

The museum jaarkaart gives you free admission to over 400 national museums. It is valid for one year from the date of purchase and it costs € 19.95 if you are under 24 or €39.95 if you are 24 or over, plus a one-time administration fee of €4.95. It is available from participating museums or through (in Dutch). The website gives an overview of all participating museums.

CJP (Cultural Youth Passport)

The CJP is a discount card for most cinemas, artistic and cultural events. You can buy the CJP (if you are under 26 years old) at most theatres, tourist information offices (VVV), main post offices or order it on (the website is in Dutch only). The CJP costs €15 a year and is valid from any date.

Useful websites

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