Money can be obtained from banks or ATM machines. ATMs can be found outside most banks, at airports and at most train stations. There is an ATM on the campus in the STUD building at the beginning of Mekelweg. Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard are widely accepted, as well as cards linked to the Cirrus network.
The chipknip is an electronic wallet in the form of a chip on a bank card. The chipknip can be charged up with a cash balance from your bank account. Most vending machines at TU Delft can only be used with a chipknip. You can also use the chipknip in most stores and at the TU Delft cafeterias. You can add money to your chipknip at any top-up machine (chipknip oplaadpunt), up to a maximum of €500. When you pay using chipknip, the amount is deducted from the chipknip balance instantly. You do not need to enter your PIN number. You just press a green button on the payment console. You can check the balance of your chipknip before or after every payment, or at the top-up machine. If you do not have a Dutch bankcard with chipknip, you can buy a prepaid chipknip. Pre-paid chipknips can be bought at the cash desk of every cafeteria at TU Delft.

Please be aware that when you are limited to a maximum withdrawal per day for cards from your home country, the ‘day’ will coincide with the daytime hours in your home country. Also note that using an ATM can be a cheap way to exchange your money from home, but when using a credit card the service charges may be considerable. So please check with your bank in your home country before you leave. Personal cheques are not accepted in the Netherlands.

If you intend to travel around Europe it is useful to know that the Euro is the common currency not only of the Netherlands but also of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.


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