Mobile telephones

Dutch mobile telephone numbers always start with 06. If you would like to have your own mobile telephone number, choose a telephone provider, subscription type or prepaid cards. The website gives an independent overview of rates, offers and providers. Please note that you will need a proof of address before subscribing to a mobile telephone provider. At belhuizen, best described as phone houses, you can buy phone cards for international calls, which offer convenience but not always the lowest rates. You can find belhuizen in almost every city in the Netherlands. Just ask around.

Other ways
Many students buy SIM cards, whose rates are already reduced for international calls. So you can call directly from your mobile to your home country at a lower rate. You can buy a SIM card at one of the outlets in the city. Telephone boxes are located at airports and railway stations and require phone cards, which you can buy at post offices, railway stations and some newsagents.You may also consider installing (free) 'telephone over the internet' applications like Skype, before leaving for Delft.


If you want to dial a phone number in the Netherlands from abroad dial:

  1. the international access number
  2. the international access number for the Netherlands, which is 31
  3. the area code; for Delft this is 15
  4. the area code for a mobile number is 6
  5. the subscriber’s number
If you want to dial a phone number from the Netherlands you dial:

  1. 00, this is the international access number
  2. the country code
  3. the area code (omit the first zero)
  4. the subscriber number 
Useful websites

National telephone directory

Good offers for mobile telephones

Pre-select carriers for low international rates



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