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At Motiv the society and the role of engineering are the main topic of discussion.

What is a meaningful life? What are the points of reference for acting or making decisions in this modern technological society? Motiv is an organisation for students who are interesed in these issues.

Motiv offers courses and activities related to meditation, moral and social reflection on engineering, study on the Bible and philosophy. Also student priests are available for a personal conversation.

International Student Chaplaincy (ISC)

The International Student Chaplaincy (ISC) is a place where students from all countries and religions or world views can meet each other and the two chaplains and find a home away from home.

For Christian students of all denominations every Sunday an English service is held at 11.30am in the chapel of the church in Raamstraat 78. Muslim students can attend prayers at one of the two mosques in Delft.

During the week students are invited for bible study, choir repetition, meditation and hatha yoga. Intercultural and interfaith evenings with meals and discussions about relevant themes are organized monthly.
For conferences,excursions and retreats check the website:

Rev.Fr.Avin Kunnekkadan

Phone: +31 612555768

Rev.Mrs.Waltraut Stroh

Phone: +31 (0)70-3297624


The EEMCS Faculty has a prayer room. It is located in Room LB00.501

English church services: International Reformed Evangelical Fellowship

Religion and philosophy of life 




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