Working next to studying

Don't base your finances on the assumption that you will find a job with the University (as a teaching assistant, for example) or with a company outside the university. Finding part-time work is not easy. Employment agencies can assist in finding part-time jobs for students in the business and industrial sectors, but most employers prefer personnel who are fluent in Dutch.

EU students may be eligible for a student grant, which includes a student travel card (studenten OV-chipkaart), if they work for at least 32 hours per month. Check the Ministry of Education’s website for the details. As of the new academic year in September 2012, EU students will have to work in the Netherlands for at least 14 hours a week to qualify for a full maintenance grant.

Please note that you are no longer entitled to student health insurance (premium approximately € 40,- per month) if you are working alongside your studies. If you begin to work, you will need to get cover under an employees’ health insurance programme (premium approximately € 85,- per month).

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