Bank account

For non-EU/EFTA students TU Delft will automatically apply for a bank account, unless you inform us of your existing Dutch bank account number. 

EU/EFTA students can keep using the bank account they use in their home countries. But note that students will need a Dutch-bank account if they wish to:

  • apply for DUWO housing
  • apply for a Dutch student health insurance
  • subscribe for services that require (monthly) installments

EU/EFTA students in need of a Dutch bank account can ask the TU Delft to open one.

Bank account facilities

 The bank account comprises:

  • a world pass with chipknip (a Dutch debit card)
  • access to internet banking and
  • the possibility of opening a savings account

The fee is currently (Nov. 2011) € 2.75 per month.


If you ask TU Delft to arrange a bank account for you in your Confirmation Statement we will prepare an application form for you. You will be asked to sign it at the Registration session. The information about the Confirmation Statement will be sent automatically to all students once they have been admitted to their study programmes.

You will also receive a date for a personal appointment to visit the bank's office, to formally open your account. You will need to bring the following documents to this appointment:

  • a valid passport
  • the TU Delft admission letter
  • a valid (subletting) housing contract

Note that you will not be able to use your Dutch bank account until you have kept your appointment at the bank!


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