Student budget

Living expenses vary according to personal lifestyle and choice of housing. The cost of living and studying (excluding the tuition fee), including food, accommodation, transport, books, and obligatory health insurance is estimated to be between € 850 and € 1,100 per month.

Just to give you an idea how this amount adds up, we sum up the average monthly costs for an international student living in Delft:

food & drink

€  500 (already adjusted for the Delft situation)
€  180 and over
€    40 (already adjusted for the Delft situation)
€  100 
€  100 (transport, going out)
€  920 per month
x 12 = € 11.000 per year (excluding the tuition fee!)

You will need approximately € 1,500 to cover initial settling-in expenses. This amount is “on the safe side”; what you will actually need, depends largely on your lifestyle. Be aware though, that you may need extra money for unique initial expenses such as:

  • getting a bicycle
  • purchasing study materials (books, laptop, ...)
  • purchasing a railway Voordeelurenkaart (Off-peak discount card)
  • obtaining a sports card or other memberships
  • paying for communications: for instance to buy a SIM card for your mobile phone, make phone calls home or buy a LAN cable
  • purchasing additional equipment and decorations for your room: like Dutch power cords, kitchen utensils and cutlery, plants, posters, a birthday calendar, ...
  • socialising and
  • just to be sure, for any eventualities or emergencies.

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