Visa & Residence permits

Nationals from the European Union (EU), the European Free Trade Organisation (EFTA) countries and nationals from the USA., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and South Korea do not require a visa to enter the Netherlands. If you hold a valid residence permit of a European country and you enter the Netherlands from this European country you also do not require a visa.

If you have a different nationality and you want to stay more than three months, you need a special visa called an ‘MVV’. TU Delft helps students with their visa application with the help of a fast-track student procedure. When you are admitted to TU Delft, the Central International Office will inform you about the visa procedure through the Deltulip portal or via e-mail.

All Non-European students with a student residence permit applied for by TU Delft students must comply with the Modern Migration Policy Act. This act requires the TU Delft to monitor the study progress of international students residing in the Netherlands on a study visa. Read more about it here.

When you apply for a visa you may need to undergo a medical examination for tuberculosis.

All students (EU and non-EU) staying longer than four months in the country need to register as a resident at the local municipality. The Central International Office will make an application on your behalf on the day of your registration. Exchange students can also view for a detailed description of visa and residence permit application procedures.

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Extension of residence permit for non-EU nationals

You are responsible for any extension to your residence permit. However, TU Delft provides help to students who need to arrange an extension of their residence permit. Information is published on the Delftulip portal at the beginning of March.

Special visa for MSc graduates

If you want to find a job or PhD position in the Netherlands after graduation, you should apply to the IND Immigration Office for a residence permit as a so called 'search year'. This residence permit is valid for 12 months. It is crucial that you apply for the 'search year' residence permit before the day on which your registration at TU Delft ends.

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