Language courses

Language courses

Although you will be able to get around perfectly without a single word of Dutch, learning the language will open more doors for you. And it is almost essential if you want to find a job here after (or during) your studies.

The best and fastest method for learning Dutch is offered by the university itself, a series of courses known as de Delftse methode (the Delft method). TU Delft’ s Institute of Technology & Communication offers this Dutch language course in two different versions: an intensive and an extensive course.

Following the courses Elementary I and II and Intermediate I is free for TU students with a valid student pass. But you do have to buy the latest 4th edition of the original books (e.g. in the bookshop in the TU library); photocopies or older versions are not allowed. Candidates can register at the secretaries’ office.

Some preliminary words of advice before you start learning Dutch:

  • First settle in Delft and only start learning Dutch only in your second semester. You will need a lot of time to find your way in your regular academic programme.
  • Let everybody know that you do not speak Dutch (yet)
  • But tell them also: "Ik wil Nederlands leren" (Ick will Naidurlans layrun; I want to learn Dutch)
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes
  • Don't make it unnecessarily hard for yourself; keep it simple to start with
  • Don't pretend to understand if you do not (and notice how strangely people react sometimes)
  • 'Absorb' Dutch all day: in the cafetaria, watching TV, reading a paper...

Once you are at TU Delft you can also follow an English course. If you want to take that course you first need to take a diagnostic test (The Oxford Quick Placement Test).

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