TU Delft’s Sport Centre and Culture Centre

A good way to meet students outside the faculty is to join sports and cultural groups. The TU Delft Sport Centre and Culture Centre are located at Mekelweg 8-10. The university’s Sport Centre and Culture Centre offer a wealth of opportunities for activities, personal development, relaxation and social interaction. The sports centre provides facilities and qualified instructors for many team and individual sports. You need an annual sportkaart (sports card) to make use of the facilities; this costs €95 (students) and can be purchased at the sports centre at any time by showing your proof of registration in TU Delft.

For some sports, like swimming and squash, there are no facilities at the sports centre, but the sportkaart gives you access to specific facilities elsewhere in Delft at reduced rates. Of course, you are also welcome to join any of the 40 sports clubs that practise and play competition matches at the sports centre.

The culture centre offers you the possibility to develop your skills in various cultural activities such as photography, painting, and sculpting. Musical instruments are available, as well as a recording studio, an art studio, a rehearsal studio, a darkroom and dance studio. You can obtain access to these facilities by purchasing a card for the facility you wish to use. On average these cards cost €70 per year.  

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