The bicycle (fiets) is the traditional means of transport in the Netherlands. Flat landscape, separate (and very safe) bicycle paths, and low cost make them very popular when travelling relatively short distances. Of course, there are drawbacks when the weather is bad. It has been estimated there are twice as many bikes in the country as there are people. Unfortunately bicycles are also popular with thieves. It is best to buy a second-hand bike and secure it thoroughly, preferably with a heavy steel chain and lock.

Prices for second-hand bicycles start at €50. They can be purchased at any bicycle shop in Delft, for instance Fietsenreus or the shops mentioned below. Brikfit is another possibility. It is not a normal bicycle shop but a workshop for mentally disabled people. Brikfit gives them the opportunity to hold down a job and earn money by repairing and selling bicycles. Prices are approximately €50/€100.

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Don’t give bicycle thieves a chance

Have your bike engraved for free! An engraved code makes your bike unique and easier to track down if stolen or lost. Should your bike be stolen: be sure to report the theft to the police, stating your unique code. This will make it easier for the police to return it.

You can have your bike engraved for free at the Owee Festival on Wednesday, August 20, between 11.00 and 13.00 hrs.

Just report to the stand of the municipality and police. Before engraving a code, your bike will be checked on the possibility and necessity of being identified by a unique code. Do not forget to bring proof of identity. The stand is found in the location of the Sports and Cultural Centre, near the bicycle park.


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