Dutch culture

When living in the Netherlands, you will discover many habits which you will identify as typically Dutch, and may be rather different to what you are used to. When living abroad, such challenges come with the territory. Finding out more about Dutch customs and habits is not only interesting and sometimes amusing, but it also helps you to better understand the Dutch people around you. These cultural habits are also reflected in education, read about this in ‘Cultural differences in education’.

Dutch culture:

Suggested reading on Dutch habits and culture

  • The low sky (H. van der Horst)
  • The Dutch I presume? (Martijn de Rooi and Jurjen Drenth)
  • The Undutchables (C.R. White)
  • ‘What!??’ Aspects of Dutch culture that can cause friction (Marilyn Warman)
  • Living in Holland (published by Nuffic)
  • Website for expatriates living in the Netherlands: www.expatica.com


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