TU Delft today

Delft University of Technology is a modern university of science and technology. Its eight faculties are at the forefront of technological developments contributing to scientific advancement in the interests of world society. The university’s excellent research and education standards are backed by outstanding facilities and research institutes. The university maintains close links with national and international industry, a strategic alliance that guarantees the relevance of its many academic programmes and ensures rich career prospects for its graduates. All programmes encourage creative and independent thinking with a focus on problem solving. The student body includes over 100 nationalities.

TU Delft is located in the university district (TU-wijk) of the historic city of Delft. Beyond the medieval church towers, there are many impressive university buildings, laboratories, classrooms and offices. They are built in the newly opened Mekelpark, which constitutes a truly green car-free heart of the campus where you can study in pleasant surroundings, take a leisurely stroll and meet your friends. Most of the streets around the campus heart are named after scholars who laid the foundation of the university’s success. The university’s philosophy, facilities and pleasant environment all contribute to its excellent academic atmosphere.

The essence of TU Delft’s logo is the flame of the Greek god Prometheus, a symbol of knowledge, innovation and creation. Greek legends portray Prometheus (he who looks ahead) as an inventor, the father of agriculture and construction, and the source of many discoveries. He is considered to be the first engineer of the ancient European world. TU Delft is following in Prometheus’ footsteps by developing innovative, sustainable and environmental friendly technology. Prometheus’ flame is therefore a worthy symbol of this centre of technical excellence.


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