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SUPAIR is the job mediation centre linked to the TU Delft. We have over 20 years of experience when it comes to connecting talented engineers to companies in all sorts of technical sectors. We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize and acknowledge talent, making sure it ends up just where it should be. 

SUPAIR: stronger together

Job mediation is made to measure. Here at SUPAIR, we feel that getting to know you is paramount. During our intake interview we do not only look at your knowledge and experience, but we also delve into you character, talents, and motivation. Your wishes and ambitions towards a job are discussed extensively, and we really take the time to look into the person behind the resume, so that we can get to work finding the job that fits you. This way, all involved profit.

In short: SUPAIR

Countless engineers have found their job through SUPAIR.

SUPAIR has over 20 years of experience with job mediation.

1/3 of our candidates are women.

SUPAIR is an acknowledged referent.

Intake interviews on average take an hour and a half.

Experienced advisors are at your disposal.

We collaborate with over 160 employers.

Job mediation for every engineer, from every faculty, HBO or university. 

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Give us a call or drop by. Our door is always open. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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TU Delft - SUPAIR | Mekelweg 4 | 2628 CD Delft 
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