Jan - AE

During the Delftse Bedrijvendagen I encountered SUPAIR for the first time, shortly after which I registered with them online. During the intake meeting with SUPAIR, they were able to get a good sense of myself, my study experiences and my ideas about work. Depending on my interests and profile, we would together consider the possibilities they could offer.
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Freeke - ME

Because I knew what I wanted in a job, but not at which company I could do this job, I registered with SUPAIR. The great thing about SUPAIR is that you are able to tell them your talents and your needs, which they will use to find you a suitable job.
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Imco - AE

SUPAIR really suited me. I did not expect to find such a great job via a mediation company. Your personal approach really worked for me. I think that you give opportunities in a very open and friendly way and that you only show me vacancies that fit me very well.
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Josine - IDE

At the time I registerd with SUPAIR I was already working as a junior project leader with a small firm for project management. During the period I worked there, I found out that this job was not suited to my needs, but I was not sure where my interests lay. I went to SUPAIR because I had seen their booklets and I hoped they could help me find a great new position.
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