Conclusion after your return

Recognition of study results

After you have completed your internship, you will have to write a report on it. The requirements relating to this report are set by your faculty. Go to the foreign pages of your faculty website to find out what you are expected to do.

Scholarship requirements after your return

A condition of many scholarships is that after your stay abroad you must submit a number of documents by a particular date. These often include evaluation forms, a report, or a declaration from your coordinator stating that you have met all your obligations and also the number of study credits you have obtained.

If you are still abroad when the deadline passes for submitting the documents, you can send them by post, or e-mail or fax them to the Central International Office. Any remaining part of the scholarship that is still owing to you will be paid after you have submitted the documents. Make sure you do so on time, otherwise you may lose your entitlement to the scholarship, or have to pay it back. 

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