How we can help you meeting TU Delft Students

Delft University of Technology offers a range of publication options for organisations and companies interested in participating in career events; such as in-house days, or wishing to advertise job vacancies, internships or other company information. Another option open to businesses wishing to establish contact with TU Delft students entering the job market is by participating in one of the events organised by the TU Delft Career Centre.

Other ways to contact our students

The TU Delft Career Centre is not the only way into TU Delft. You can also reach students in a particular faculty, or advertise in the university magazine. Below we have outlined a few of these options.

  • Employer Toolkit - These quick guides give an overview of the applicable rules, regulations and application procedures to help employers hire talented international students.

Student Societies
One option is to approach a student society directly. Each society operates their own policies with regards to publishing company information etc. and has their own rates. A student society belongs to a specific faculty; this approach may therefore better suit your purpose and goals. If, on the other hand, you would like to reach all TU Delft students or several student groups, placing a university-wide advertisement is a better option.

Delta and other possibilities
There is also the option of buying advertising space in the university’s magazine Delta or through another intermediary. Where it concerns short temporary assignments, you may also wish to contact TU Delft’s student employment agency: StuD, or other student emploment agencies such as GreenBlue, Kojac and Unipartners.

Participating in DeDelftse Bedrijvendagen is a long-term, worthwhile investment. If you would like to register, please go to The various student societies also organise smaller business fairs and other networking events.

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