Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a challenge!

  • It offers you the opportunity to live in another country and to get to know another culture.
  • You will also experience how students in another country live and study.
  • It enhances your prospects in the labour market through gaining international experience.
  • It broadens your perception of your field of study through following courses or doing projects not offered by TU Delft.
  • It strengthens your language skills and sharpens your social and cultural skills.

TU Delft and the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science offer students the possibility to spend a period of their degree programme abroad. This can be as an exchange student at a university, for an internship or thesis. Experience abroad is seen as beneficial to your university education and personal development.

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Minor Abroad

Pasticipation Requirements

  • At the time of departure you need to have finished your first year and at least 50 EC from your second or third year. You are only allowed to follow the minor abroad if this minor will not couse any (further) study delay.
  • If you are not on track to finish your BSc in 3 years you need to make a study plan showing when the minor fits in your programme and how you will fullfill the requirement above. You can contact one of the student councellors to help you with a realistic study plan.

Minor requirements

  • You have to make a studyplan with your Bachelor Coordinator or Director of Studies for your minor. You will have apply for a free minor with the board of examinars to get your minor approved.  
  • Universities abroad do not offer pre-set minors. You will have to compose your own study plan. 

Step By Step for BSc and MSc


  • Research which university you would be interested (Complete list of destinations per studyfield under documents)


  • Select three universities from the list of destinations, decide in which period of the academic year you want to study abroad.
  • E-mail your application package at the international office EEMCS before 1 January. Placement will be announced before 15 January.
  • Missed the Deadline? As of 16 January all remaining places have been published under documents. All available places will be given to students on a first come first served basis. You do need to hand in a full application package.
  • Application Package
    • Application Form.
    • Motivation Letter, one A4. What is your motivation to go abroad and why did you choose these universities.
    • Curriculum Vitae in English
    • List of Grades including GPA. You can print an overview inclusing GPA from Osiris or get one at the Service Desk.

After Selection

  • Applyat the host university. Follow their application procedure.
  • Compose your study programme with your programme coordinator 
  • After admission at the host university have the board of examinars approve your programme abroad. Either apply for a free minor or have your IEP approved.
  • After admission to the host university apply for funds. Visit for more information.
  • Register your stay abroad in Osiris.


  • To authorise your study results, submit a transcript of records at the international office of EEMCS. 
  • finalize fund applications: write travel report.
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