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Onderstaande bedrijven hebben ooit een plaats aangeboden.

Contact met deze bedrijven levert wellicht een stageplaats op.

info J. de Vries.


These firms offered an internship in the past.

Contact with these firms maybe interesting.

info J. de Vries.





ABB, Benelux, , http://www.abb.com/, power and automation Technologies

Abel Consultants, Delft, www.abelconsultants.nl. has been founded in 2009 by two TU Delft students: Michiel Muller (Transport, Infrastructure and Planning) and Ronald Bolijn (Mechanical Engineering). The company has the mission to introduce new products and services which make the mobility of people quicker, cheaper, more comfortable, safer and more sustainable.

Accenture, Amsterdam, http://careers.accenture.com/nl-nl/Pages/index.aspx Recruitment Marketing – Communications

Addism, ICT,  Den Haag

Adept, Margraten, http://www.adept44.com/, internetapplicaties,

Adfactor, Den Haag, http://www.adfactor.nl/ , , webbased systeem

Adyen, Amsterdam, http://www.adyen.com/contact-us, Is een Payment Service Provider.

Aegon Asset management, Den Haag, http://www.aegon.nl/zakelijk/asset-management/overzicht/

AIESEC, Rotterdam, http://www.aiesec.nl/, International student organisation offers various internships al over the world,

Airbus , Frankrijk, www.airbus-careers.com

AIRCOM International, te Groot Brittannië, www.aircom.co.uk, planning tool software voor mobile operators

Akapp-Stemmann bv, Barneveld, http://www.akapp.com/, stage contactloze energieoverdracht,

Alcatel-Lucent, Hilversum, http://www.alcatel-lucent.nl/

Almende, Rotterdam, http://www.almende.com,  Situated in Rotterdam, Almende B.V. (2000) is a research company, which performs research in a diverse range of disciplines, building on principles of self-organization.

Almende, Rotterdam, http://www.almende.com/almende/home.do, Information, communication

AMB, Heemstede, World wide leader in systems for identification and timing, www.mylaps.com

Amplixs, Soest, webbased applicaties, http://amplixs.com/

Amsterdam University Press, A’Dam, http://www.aup.nl/do.php?a=show_visitor_home, SoftwareDevelopment

AND Products, Rotterdam, http://www.and.com/, Digital mapping 

Aruba, Digital Systems, http://www.arubadigital.com/, It consulting , solutions

Asahi Kasei, Japanhttp://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/asahi/en/homes/index.html, acoustic/language models for Automatic speech recognition,

ASEP CT&P, Groot Ammers, http://www.asepgroup.com/,  ASEP is one of the Oil & Gas industry’s leading suppliers of Well Intervention equipment

Atos Origin ,Rotterdam, Atos Consulting, Utrecht http://www.nl.atosorigin.com/nl-nl/, ITC project 

ATS-Software, Berkel en Rodenrijs, http://www.nl.atosorigin.com/nl-nl/, It sevices

Auxilium B.V., Delft, http://www.auxilium.nl/2/home.html, Software development

BAM wegen bv, Utrecht, http://www.bam.nl/, Royal BAM Group nv is a successful European construction group and unites operating companies in five home markets with the administrative centre in the Netherlands and listed at Euronext Amsterdam

Barco Kortrijk, Belgium, http://www.barco.com/, Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization products for a variety of selected professional markets

Bell & Herrmann, Den Haag, http://www.bellherrmann.eu/en/, internship: interactive webenvironment to make the customers data available via Internet

Benchmark Electronics, Almelo, www.bench.com , Assignment for research of market Development of smart grids

BetBidding, Den Haag, BetBidding www.betbidding.com, is a startup company which currently consists of four entrepreneurs.

BHPbilliton, Den Haag, http://www.bhpbilliton.com/bb/home.jsp, design and development MS access database, programming, coding testing

Bitnomica, Rijswijk, http://bitnomica.com/, Proof-of-concepts for new peer-to-peer clients

Bitwizard b.v. te Delft, http://www.bitwizard.nl/(data recovery)

Blauw Research, Rotterdam, http://www.blauw.com/ Research agency

Blauw Research, Rotterdam, http://www.blauw.com/, Research Bureau , ICT

Bloomberg, London, http://www.bloomberg.com/,  Software Developer,IT/Technology

BMW, Munich, Germany, http://www.bmw.de/de/de/index.html, Internship in department for development and validation of Electric Motors. Field of study: Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics.

Booksx Company B.V., Zoetermeer, http://www.brookx.nl/, marketing, designing, engineering and manufacturing high-end, high-reliability and customer-specific Power Conversion Solutions

Bosch Security Systemns b.v., Breda, www.boschsecurity.com. Bosch Security Systems, part of the Robert Bosch Group, is an innovative and global company in the field of security and communication systems such as CCTV (Video systems), public address and congress systems, personal security, social alarm, intruder and fire detection systems

Bosch, Breda , Tilburg , Eindhoven, http://www.boschsecurity.nl, Intern ship places. contact

Bradford Engineering B.V., Heerle, http://www.bradford-space.com/cms/, specialised in engineering, design and development, production and test of spaceflight components and systems.

Brink Dynamics (ontwerpbureau van de Carver), Dordrecht, www.brinkdynamics.com.

British Telecom, UK, www.bt.com/careers,  Internships available

Bruker AXS, Delft, http://www.bruker-axs.nl/index.php?id=168&L=0, leader in materials research and quality control instrumentation for elemental and crystalline structure investigations.

Building datebase elektronic outsite advertisements.

Buro Petr van Blooklans +Claudia Mens, Delft, http://www.petr.net/index2,  is a studio for (graphic) design. Design corporate identities, web sites, web applications and interiors, with an additional emphasis typography, type design

Byte Internet, Amsterdam, http://www.byte.nl/cms/byte/over-byte.html, hostingprovider

C.A.K De Rijke B.V., Spijkernisse, http://www.derijke.com/content/html/1276.asp?id=146

Caliope B.V., Amsterdam, http://www.mediastages.nl/stage-bedrijf/255/caliope.aspx

Caliope is a supplier of radio- and television automation software.

Capgemini, Utrecht, www.werkenbijcapgemini.nl Intern/Thesis work places, ICT:

Caribe TV. Den Haag, http://www.aboutus.org/Caribe-tv.com  New Media Design for the web. Content Management Tools, Installing an International Payment Platform

Catharinafonds, Hilversum, Kenia. Video: http://catharinafondskenia.mambapoint.tv/

CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de statistiek,)Voorburg , http://www.cbs.nl/nl-NL/menu/home/default.htm varioue internship places

Celestrius, Mannedorf, Zwitserland, www.celestrius.com develops innovative semiconduc solutions for wireless communications has permanent internships,

Centric Software Engineering, IJsselstein, http://www.centric.nl/NL/Default/Software/Oplossingen/Softwareontwikkeling.aspx

CERN, Geneva, Switserland,  https://ert.cern.ch/browse_www/wd_pds?p_web_site_id=1&p_web_page_id=5831&p_no_apply=Y&p_show=N)  Internships: The general CERN student programmes have a capacity of over 300 students, please look at: The CERN openlab Summer Student Programme 2011 is now open for applications for students in computing and physics at Bachelor, Master or Ph.D level. Please see www.cern.ch/openlab-students  for more information and find attached the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme leaflet (pdf, two-sided A4) as well as a poster (pdf, A3 format) presenting the programme.

Cern, Geneve, Zwitserland, http://public.web.cern.ch/public/ , https://ert.cern.ch/browse_www/wd_pds?p_web_site_id=1 See also summer programme: www.cern.ch/openlab-students https://ert.cern.ch/browse_www/wd_pds?p_web_page_id=6281

Ciena, Hoofddorp or UK-London, http://www.ciena.com, Associate Systems Engineer, Design solutions for customer applications, produce customer quotations, produce engineering packs for Ciena Services, entry and checking of quotes into Ciena Business Management Tools and provide support for Pre- and Post-Sales activities

Cluster Vision, Amsterdam, http://www.clustervision.com/company.php,  ClusterVision is specialist in compute, storage and database clusters.

Codeless Technology B.V., Dordrecht, http://www.codeless.com/,  Codeless technology is a company that is specialized in making software development easier and more available for anyone who wants to develop software.

Collis, Leiden, http://www.collis.nl/, Collis is een innovatieve ICT-organisatie.

Commerce Systems B.V, Rotterdam, http://www.cs.nl/_public/, cooperating with companies to realize their services through a web based application.

ComScore, Amsterdam,  http://www.comscore.com/About_comScore,  comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. Through a powerful combination of behavioral and survey insights, comScore enables clients to better understand, leverage and profit from the rapidly evolving worldwide web and mobile arena.

Conference Compass, Delft, http://www.conference-compass.com/about/,  developing mobile applications running on all mobile phones including Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, ... and communicating with a website where user profiles are managed

Contact met deze bedrijven levert wellicht een stageplaats op.

Contact with these firms maybe interesting.

Cool Endeavour, Amsterdam, http://www.coolendeavour.com/,  Cool Endeavour Holding initiates and commits to companies that foster the transition towards a sustainable and equitable society and economy.

Coolblue b.v., Rotterdam, http://www.coolblue.nl/onze_shops software development

Copernica, Haarlem, http://www.copernica.com/nl/over-ons, Copernica Marketing Software is the most succesful and complete marketing software.

Corning INC. te Corning USA, http://www.corning.com/about_us/contactus.aspx,

CTO, VSTEP BV, Rotterdam, www.vstep.nl, ) is een Rotterdams bedrijf dat entertainment games en Serious Games ontwikkelt, trainingstoepassingen op basis van gametechnologie.

Daimler AG,  Kirchheim unter Teck, www.career.daimler.de., Our vision for the future is highly ambitious. We want to make emission-free and accident-free driving a reality, while also enhancing individual driving comfort with our fascinating products

Dale Spiral Systems, Northlands , Randburg , South Africa, www.dalespiralsystems.com

DapTechnology B.V. Oldenzaal, http://www.daptechnology.com/, DapTechnology is a company deeply committed to the design, development & marketing of high quality IEEE 1394 products and integrated solutions

De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, http://www.dnb.nl/over-dnb/contact-en-route/amsterdam/index.jsp, Analyses of the banknote circulation using banknote numbers at the Dutch National Bank,

De SWOV is het nationale wetenschappelijke instituut voor verkeersveiligheidsonderzoek. Het is de taak van de SWOV met kennis uit wetenschappelijk onderzoek bij te dragen aan de verbetering van de verkeersveiligheid.

Delconsulting Ltd., Zoetermeer,  http://www.delconsulting.com/, , Telecommunication, desktops, security, storage en IT services.

Delft Engineering Servises (DES), Delft, http://www.delftes.com/, Intern: in the field of sustainable processes and energy technology.

Delft Measurement Systems, Delft, http://www.delftmeasurementsystems.nl/DMS/Welcome.html

Delftech bv, Delft, www.delftech.com, stageplaatsen software ontwikkeling 

DelltaTech, Simendo, Rotterdam, http://www.simendo.nl/index.php?mod=contact

design and develops measurement systems mainly for industrial applications.

Designs, develops, manufactures, supplies, places, assembles and puts into operation logistic solutions and the equipment for that, mostly independently controlled by computer, and the parts for this.

Development workflow management systems. Stage/ afstudeerplaatsen, Onderzoek naar en ontwikkeling van generatie van  SP.NET formulieren.

develops and sells virtual reality simulation solutions for effective training of endoscopic surgery.

Deze onderzoeksgroep doet onderzoek naar oorzaken, diagnose en de behandeling van.hartziekten.

DGMR Software b.v., Den Haag, www.dgmr.nl, onderzoek trianulatietechnieken voor geluidsmodellen, zoeken bruikbaar efficiént algoritme. Am.

DiDiT High-End bv, Nieuw Vennep, www.d-i-d-i-t.com, software development audiophile media player for this player

DLR is Germany's national research center for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, transportation and energy is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. Institute of Robotics und Mechatronics Department of System Dynamics and Control, Internship

Doedijns Control BV, Waddinxveen, http://www.doedijns.nl/,  Pipeline Mixing Program, The development of a sizing tool for determining the energy requirement necessary to mix fluids in pipelines in accordance with international standards required for fiscal sampling purposes.

DotX Control Solutions, Alkmaar, www.dotxcontrol.com,  Thesis work applied mathematics, Numerical Methods for Differential Algebraic Equations, One of the specific research fields in which DotX operates is Model-Predictive Control (MPC).

Driessen Aircraft Interior Systems, Wieringerwerf, http://www.driessen.com/pub/aboutdriessen/companyprofile/index.html, developing advanced system trolley airbus 380

DuPont de Nemours, Dordrecht, www.nl.dupont.com, Stage Wiskunde. DuPont de Nemours is een dynamisch wetenschapsbedrijf en creëert duurzame oplossingen die het leven van de mens beter, veiliger en gezonder maken

Dupont, Dordrecht , http://www2.dupont.com/Dordrecht_Plant_Site/nl_NL/index.html, AM statistics internship Dept. Delrin Finishing

E2JM Technologies B.V., Oude Meer, http://www.e2mtechnologies.eu/Electric/Default.aspx

E2M Technologies is specialised in electric drive systems for various applications.

EADS, Germany, www.jobs.eads.com, Aviation and Space Technology, Electronics, Information Technology or Management

EasySwitch BV, Amsterdam, http://www.easyswitch.nl/,  EasySwitch is an online comparison and switching site for several services.

eBuddy, Amsterdam, http://www.ebuddy.com/press.php,  eBuddy created the world’s first independent, web browser-based IM service in 2003 and extended the service to mobile in June 2007. Nedap N.V. Groenlo, http://www.nedap.com/,  Nedap is characterised by a development-, entrepreneurship- and staffs´ own responsibility-oriented open, innovative and creative culture

Ecofys Netherlands BV, Utrecht, http://www.ecofys.nl/, a sustainable energy supply for everyone. Ecomare, De Koog, Texel, www.ecomare.nl/,  Ecomare makes every effort to protect the Wadden region and the North Sea.

Eco-movement, Amsterdam, www.eco-movement.com is a company that develops projects that accelerate the amount of electric vehicles in the Netherlands.

Elevated Internet & Mobility, Den Haag, http://www.elevated.nl/profiel,  Development (functionall/Technical/Interaction) web portals

Energy Consult Nederland B.V.  te Woerden, http://www.energie-consult.nl/, ICT; data ware-housing, component based development, enterprise application integration.

Engage! BV, Alkmaar, http://www.engage-software.nl/Home.aspx, Development software.

Epyon Rijswijk, http://www.epyonpower.com/About/About/about_epyon.aspx

Erasmus universiteit, Rotterdam, http://www.erasmusmc.nl/thoraxcenterbme/Overview-of-department/,  De onderzoeksgroep Biomedical Engineering maakt deel uit van het Thorax Centrum van het Erasmus Medisch Centrum, de medische faculteit van de Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam.

Ericsson Telecommunicatie B.V., Rijen, http://www.ericsson.com/nl/, Diverse internships: Internship Competence ARea MultiMedia Solutions, Internship Competence ARea MultiMedia Solutions, Internship Competence ARea MultiMedia Solutions, Internship Customizations.doc, Internship Solution Management(area technology development, Internship Solution Management(area technology development, Internship SS&I ,  Internship SS&I , Internship SS&I.

Ericsson, Ireland, http://www.ericsson.com/, Internships, Distr systems, network management, pol-based systemes, web services

Ernst & Young STS, Amsterdam, http://www.ey.com/NL/nl/Careers, Afstudeerprojecten wireless networking, pentration testing en assurance, web application hacking (or auditing), internal hacking, remote access, mobile computing, voice over IP.

Essaco, Sommeldijk, www.essaco.com, web-application

Essent energie, Ammerzoden, http://www.essent.nl/content/particulier/index.html#, maken voorspellingsalgoritmen, energie ,afstud/stage (WI)

Eurexco, Zoetermeer, http://www.eurexco.com/page/bedrijfsinfo, software writing

EuroDev B.V., Almelo, http://www.eurodev.cn/html/industrial_cases.htm. EuroDev is a dynamic company that operates in an international environment and has offices in theNetherlands and France.

Eurodev B.V., Hellendoorn/USA, http://www.eurodev.com/html/home.htm, Transformers, inductors , Telecommunicatie

Everycity, London, http://everycity.co.uk/, Business within the Managed Hosting Sector

Evision Industry Software b.v., Amsterdam, http://www.evision-software.nl/, Multinational Oil and Gas, software development.

extremeblue@nl.ibm.com For more information visit our website: www.ibm.com/nl/extremeblue

extremeblue@nl.ibm.com For more information visit our website: www.ibm.com/nl/extremeblue

Fabchannel B.V., Amsterdam, http://www.fabchannel.com, Entertainment Company, provides online concert archives. Development, programming

FEI Company™, Eindhoven, http://www.fei.com/default.aspx , is the world leader in electron microscopy technologies and applications that delivers subnanometer resolution for materials research, life sciences

Fenêtre, Den Haag, http://www.fenetre.nl/?gclid=CNLpopO47qgCFUku3godWHrTxg

Flying Bytes Mobile BV, Den Haag, http://www.flyingbytesmobile.nl/website/news.do?useraction=showItem&id=12, mobile datacommunicaton

Fokker Dutch Space, Leiden, Dutch Space is the main player of the Dutch space industry. http://www.dutchspace.nl/pages/about/content.asp?id=216&LangType=1033

Fokker Services, Woensdrecht, http://www.fokkerservices.com/, Fokker Services is part of Stork Fokker who builds, maintains and modifies aircraft. Lately Fokker Services decided to become an VIP aircraft interior conversion and completion center.

Formula Team Zero, Delft, http://www.formulazero.nl/pagina/formula_zero/team, Formula Zero's ultimate goal is to make drivers enthusiastic about green car technology through racing, and accelerate the introduction of zero emission cars. Racing is the perfect platform for the development of this type of technology!

Foto’s: http://arjanwinters.waarbenjij.nu/, Follow up internship. Light for Learning : solar energy for a primery school and the school as energy factory ; developing a commercial model for exploitation of a solar energy in a primery school.

Fox_IT, Delft, https://www.fox-it.com/en/home, specialists in security and intelligence solutions for government bodies and other major organizations throughout the world.

Frankrijk, http://www.stages-france.nl/ In het kader van de binationale samenwerking tussen Frankrijk en Nederland is een Netwerk Hoger Onderwijs opgericht om o.a. technische stages in het andere land structureel mogelijk te maken. Dit betreft industriestages voor universitaire- en HBO-studenten, alles binnen het raamwerk van de UFN-NFU, een eerder opgerichte "Frans-Nederlandse Universiteit".

Fredhopper, Amsterdam, www.fredhopper.com Internships ook bachelor project IN, We have exciting internships and part-time jobs for students pursuing degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or closely related areas. Search algorithms, Distributed systems, Large deployments, Web applications.  Web developers Technical writers, software Development, web developers

Frog AGV Systems BV, Utrecht, develops and markets Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) and navigation hard- and software. http://www.frog.nl/Over_Frog_AGV_Systems/Bedrijfsprofiel?newlang=en,

General Electric plastics, Bergen op Zoom, http://www.ge.com/, Software appl., IT tools, web design e.a

Genetics, Almere-Haven heeft stageplaatsen voor programmeurs, ICT consultants, project-Ecommerce-webmasters, databasemanagerconsultants (EWI)

GeoTax &WOZ-Support, Geldermalsen, http://www.geotax.nl/, Software development Div.

German Aerospace center-DLR Wessling , Germany, http://www.dlr.de/en/,

GlobalMatch Europe, Tilburg, http://www.globalmatch.eu/en/index.htm,  GlobalMatch is a company that supports European small and medium sized businesses to set up procurement processes in China.

Goudse verzekeringen, Gouda, http://www.goudse.nl/Ondernemersverzekeringen.html

Gradiaton/EU, Rotterdam, http://www.eur.nl/, The Erasmus University is a well known Dutch University with a comprehensive Law faculty. Part of this faculty is a department focused on the interaction between Law and Legal Studies with Information Technology. As result of a research project a software program was developed to enable computer assisted grading of open form texts.

Grontmij Maunsell ICS bv, De Bilt, http://www.grontmij.nl/Pages/Adressen.aspx,  Internship: Electrical Power Engineering, Power electronics Power supply for DC-traction: research for energy saving possibilities, cost reduction by applying power electronics.

GVB Railmaterieel/ HWR Diemen, http://www.gvb.nl/Pages/default.aspx,

Harddisk-Recovery, Delft, http://www.harddisk-recovery.nl/, Internshipplaces Harddisk development, Datarecovery applications

 has various internship and thesis projects, Epyon provides advanced ultra-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles which are used in critical business processes such as material handling, delivery of goods and transportation of people.

HAWE System Europe B.V., Bergschenhoek, HAWE Systems Europe B.V. www.hawe.nl,

heeft Internshipplaces /Thesiswork ICT

Heijtech Support, Enschede, (URL Under development) Heijtech Support is a small innovative startup which focuses her activities primarily on development and realization of new media concepts from an ideological basis.

Het onderzoeken en ontwikkelen naar en van  de bestaande ontwikkelingen op het gebied van doorzenden van transport info naar mobiele apparatuur in vrachtwagens,

Holland Shielding Systems bv, Dordrecht, http://www.hollandshielding.com/,

Holland Shielding Systems is Europe’s leading manufacturer of EMC, EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radiofrequency interference) Shielding Solutions.  Specialized in providing Electromagnetic shielding solutions for the electronic, medical, space and defense industries.\

Holst Centre , IMEC, Eindhoven , http://www.holstcentre.com/, Holst Centre is a R&D Institute that performs research on autonomous wireless transducer solutions.

Horizon Energy Partners, Den Haag, http://www.horizon-ep.com/, SGS Horizon provides a complete range of integrated reservoir and field services to the oil and gas industry. This encompasses exploration geoscience, petroleum development and well design & production operations.


http://www.rug.nl/umcg/faculteit/disciplinegroepen/biomaterialen/research/Artificial_Organs/index,  The research program of the BME-section Artificial Organs is focussed at three biomaterials applications: heart& circulatory support systems, mechanical voice  restoration and orthopedic implants. Additionally, biochemical and optical techniques are applied to develop new diagnostic tools that can be used to assess functions of normal, diseased and mechanically supported organs.


Huatek Software Engineering Company, Ltd. (http://www.huatek.com) is seeking motivated EE, Computer Science / Engineering undergraduates and recent graduates looking for challenging work opportunities in their Xi'an, China office. 

Huatek Software Engineering Company, Ltd., China, http://www.huatek.com,

HydroLogic Research BV, Delft, www.hydroresearch.com, HydroLogic Research | Delft is a new company, which focuses on research into urban water management, modelling and ICT solutions in an international context.

Hytop (IHC Holland n.v.), Kinderdijk, http://www.ihcmerwede.com/dredging-mining/

IBM Technical Support Centre, Amsterdam, Software developer,designer, tester,

IBM, Amsterdam, http://www-05.ibm.com/employment/nl/students/extreme-blue.html, contact extremeblue@nl.ibm.com, Ook dit jaar is IBM weer druk bezig met het opzetten van Extreme Blue! Extreme Blue is een uniek programma binnen IBM waarbij studenten de mogelijkheid wordt geboden om in teamverband aan een echte challenge voor één van IBM´s klanten te werken. Gedurende 13 weken loopt een student dus stage binnen IBM, maar zal deze ook daadwerkelijk voor een echte klant van IBM een aan de slag gaan. De studenten starten met een creatief proces waarin ze met 40+ oplossingen bedenken voor het probleem van de klant. Dit wordt vervolgens in workshops bij de klant van week op week teruggebracht naar uiteindelijk 1 business concept (40-10-3-1). De technische haalbaarheid van deze oplossing zal worden aangetoond dmv. een werkend prototype, de ecnonomische haalbaarheid dmv. een business case. De studenten zullen de resultaten presenteren aan executives van onze klant en van IBM. Afsluitend vindt er een Expo  plaats, waar alle Europese Extreme Blue teams hun oplossingen presenteren. Gedurende het gehele programma zitten de studenten in de ´driverseat´. Zij runnen de show en worden uitgedaagd om buiten de gebaande paden te denken. Daarnaast worden de teams intensief begeleid door IBM mentoren, IBM research en zullen er ook workshops als public speaking, typology, brainstorm en consultancy workshops worden georganiseerd. Kortom een heel mooi zomer programma, vol met uitdagingen! Periodes zie onder.

Introduction The Extreme Blue program – IBM’s incubator for talent, technology and business innovation – challenges business and technical students to join forces and start something BIG. In a team consisting of 4 students (1 business and 3 technical) you will develop a solution addressing a real client problem. You will have to use your personal talents and explore your creativity. Extreme Blue 2011 This summer, IBM Netherlands will host five Extreme Blue projects at strategic clients. Guided by IBM experts you will go through a challenging process of innovation and creativity to develop your ideas into an end solution. Besides being mentored, by business and technical consultants, you will also part take in brainstorming, presentation skills, and personal development workshops. The technical feasibility of the solution created by your team will be demonstrated by a proof of concept and the economic value by a business case. Extreme Blue is also an excellent chance for you to explore IBM as a potential employer. The Projects Extreme Blue projects involve some of the largest and most recognized global companies, in a range of different industries. Period The internship will run from  June until  September.

Introduction The Extreme Blue program – IBM’s incubator for talent, technology and business innovation – challenges business and technical students to join forces and start something BIG. In a team consisting of 4 students (1 business and 3 technical) you will develop a solution addressing a real client problem. You will have to use your personal talents and explore your creativity. Extreme Blue 2011 This summer, IBM Netherlands will host five Extreme Blue projects at strategic clients. Guided by IBM experts you will go through a challenging process of innovation and creativity to develop your ideas into an end solution. Besides being mentored, by business and technical consultants, you will also part take in brainstorming, presentation skills, and personal development workshops. The technical feasibility of the solution created by your team will be demonstrated by a proof of concept and the economic value by a business case. Extreme Blue is also an excellent chance for you to explore IBM as a potential employer. The Projects Extreme Blue projects involve some of the largest and most recognized global companies, in a range of different industries. Period The internship will run from  June .. until  September ..

IBM, Delft, http://www-03.ibm.com/services/learning/ites.wss/nl/nl?pageType=page&c=a0014599

ICP+ Consult bv, Capelle a/d/ IJssel, http://www.icp-consult.nl/, gespecialiseerd in ondersteuning en advisering op het gebeid van (maatschappelijk) vastgoedbeheer. ICP+adviseert woningcorporaties overheden en vastgoedbeheerders op het gebied van (nieuw)bouw, (strategisch) vastgoedbeheer, huisvesting en duurzame ontwikkelingen

ICT stage aanbod , anal, ontw, impl, toepassingen voor intranet, extranet, adm/kantooromgeving

iDelft BV, Delft, www.idelft.nl, Internship: Task: Design/Implementation Web-based Digital Mapping System Who

IHC Systems B.V., Sliedrecht, http://www.ihcsystems.com/, market leader in process monitoring, control, automation, simulation and the integration of dredging, nautical and hydrographical tasks on board of dredgers.

ilab, Leuven, http://www.philips.be/about/company/belgium/leuven/index.page,

IMEC, Leuven he http://www2.imec.be/be_en/home.html, Imec performs world-leading research in nano-electronics and nano-technology. Its staff of more than 1,900 people includes over 500 industrial residents and guest researchers. Imec’s research is applied in better healthcare, smart electronics, sustainable energy, and safer transport

Imtech Toegangstechniek BV/Entrance vision, Capelle aan de IJssel, http://www.imtech.eu/nl, Security solutions, Imtech Nederland levert integrale technologische oplossingen vanuit een multidisciplinaire aanpak. We combineren de werelden van elektrotechniek, ICT en werktuigbouw en bieden intelligente oplossingen in de markten van buildings en industrie. Van consultancy en ontwerp tot realisatie, beheer en onderhoud

info J. de Vries.

info J. de Vries.

Info Support, Veenendaal, http://www.infosupport.com/, Softwaredevelopment.,

InQuest BV, Den Haag, http://inquest.nl/nl/, Development applications in MS Access, discpl. ICT,

Inspired Gaming Group, London, http://www.inspiredgaminggroup.com/inspired.htm,

Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore, www.simtech.a-star.edu.sg, Internships, Thesis works  keywords: multicore embedded system, wireless sensor networks, body sensor networks, product service systems,

Integrand Delft, http://www.integrand.nl/index.php?lang=EN,  Employment agency for students

Intel, Braunschweig, Germany, http://www.intel.com/jobs/germany/sites/braunschweig.htm,

Intel, Swindon, UK, http://www.intel.com/intel/location/uk.htm, internship analyst programmer, Working as part of a team with strong customer focus your role will encompass both Technical and Business Analysis work. In this position you will primarily be involved in Technical Application Support and Enhancement of both local and global applications used throughout the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region

Inventure Technologies, Delft, http://www.inventure-technologies.nl/,

iOpener, Noordwijk, http://www.iopener.nl/index.htm, iOpener is a young dynamic organisation, headquartered in Aachen (Germany), with an R&D office at the Delft University of Technology in Delft (the Netherlands). In 2007, iOpener successfully participated in the European Space Agency Business incubation initiative. Backed by a seasoned venture capitalist, iOpener is shaping up to be a leader in providing and facilitating Real-time data into games and the virtual world, through its patented technology; using satellite navigation technology.

ISM eCompany Rotterdam, http://www.ism.nl/, ISM eCompany is a full service supplier e-business, e-communicatie en e-learning osolutions.

IT Skills B.V., Delfgauw, http://www.itskills.nl/, ICT specialists

JCDecaux, Amsterdam, http://www.jcdecaux.nl/page.php?cat=home&sub=home,

JDM Software BV, Maassluis, personal telefony routing systems http://www.jdm.nl/templates/jdm/global/index.php?lngid=2&sqlmode=1&fid=144,

Joint research centre EU, Ispra , Italië, http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/index.cfm,

KIWA Water Research, Nieuwegein en EWI/Optimization Technology, www.kiwa.nl, stageplaats voor Student wiskunde of informatica. De kandidaat moet op de hoogte zijn met elementaire kansrekening, met netwerken, en voldoende programmeervaardigheid hebben om een oplosmethode te implementeren.,  

Knowledge Values, Schiphol, http://www.knowledge-values.com/, Knowledge Values is an international company based in the Netherland. At knowledge Values we develop a line of advanced software products for knowledge management used by many of the larger Dutch organizations within the banking and telecom sector

KPMG, Amstelveen, http://www.kpmg.com/NL/nl/Pages/default.aspx, Forensic Technology, part of KPMG Forensic, invents solutions to technical challenges in a dynamic working environment with a young team.

KPMG, Den Haag, www.kpmg.nl, KPMG CT Information Technology.

Kurtz Marketing and Management BV, Rotterdam, www.kurtzmarketing.com, KMM is a business development group active in the High tech industry.

Kuwait Petroleum Europoort B.V. Europoort, http://www.q8kpe.nl/text/intro/, Optimalization highvoltage systems, complementation distribution model vision

Leadformance, Chambery, France, www.leadformance.com, France/Canadian company, Internships for webmasters, developers,

Leids Medisch Univ. Centrum, http://www.lumc.nl/home/, Informatie systemen in de klinische zorg en onderzoek

Lenstra informatica, Harmelen, http://www.lensinfo.nl/, Lenstra Informatica is a software developer and manufacturer.

Li La land Amsterdam, ook www.lilaland.nl, Animatieprojecten/producties TV

Liberty Global UPC Broadband business, Schiphol Rijk, http://www.lgi.com/europe.html,

Linders consultants b.v., Utrecht,, http://www.subsidieadviseurs.nl/, It adviseur, exp. Project Process Mining

Liones Internet BV, Rijswijk ZH, http://www.liones.nl/, ontwikkeling content management systeem, onderzoek aanpassingen systeem, maken installer tevens: websites and web applications, Liones ontwikkelt voor één van haar klanten een sociale nieuwssite vergelijkbaar met Digg.com.

Lismar, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, http://www.lismar.com/, qualified in non-destructive testing (NDT), software, electronics and mechanics.

LoadIT, Zwaag, http://www.loadit.info/index.php?page=home,

Lobeco Fire + Security BV, Den Haag, www.lobeco.nl, Lobeco is a system integrator for high end security and fire systems.

Loggers B.V., Dordrecht, http://www.loggers.nl/, LOGGERS designs and engineers complete range of components for pipe suspension systems and a comprehensive spectrum of expansion joints made of stainless steel, rubber and PTFE. We are specialists in developing and engineering shock, vibration and sound isolation systems.

Logic Technology BV. Panningen, http://www.logic.nl/, Logic Technology is a supplier of embedded software and debug tools. Logic represents various embedded tools as well as software specialists in Europe (mostly US companies).

LogicaCMG, Rotterdam/Nieuwegein, Eindhoven , Amstelveen, http://www.logica.nl/,

Logistieke diensverlener,

LucentTechnologies, Hilversum,  http://www.alcatel-lucent.com/, Study architectural & topology problems of large multi-area, multi-domain connectionless Networks. To design methods for efficient topology discovery & real-time topology monitoring of IS-IS networks. To implement & lab-test a system for topology discovery and real-time monitoring of IS-IS networks

M. Industries, Delft, www.m-industries.nl, Industries is builds web based applications that support production processes in the industry

M2Mobi, Amsterdam, http://www.m2mobi.com/,  Phone developer. Develops high quality mobile apps with customized user interfaces, keeping in mind your needs and demands.

Magna Carta, Amsterdam, http://www.magna-carta.com/english/index.asp, Pioneers in smartcard technology development, delivering an advanced chip card service ideal for your business needs, now and in the future. Smartcards offer unlimited possibilities and engineering. Magna Carta develops and delivers the complete solution, including smartcards, software and hardware for all imaginable applications such as catering, vending, digital access, ticketing, parking, photocopying, cashless payment systems, time registration and transaction systems.

Mansystems Nederland B.V. Barneveld, http://www.mansystems.com/0/.html?id_website=1 Mansystems is a European IT specialist in service management, consultancy & support. For years now, Mansystems delivers service management solutions in the field of business service management, planning and data center efficiency.

Mastervolt, Amsterdam, http://www.mastervolt.co.uk/profile/, Mastervolt works with energy for energy. Energy supply that you can trust. Always and everywhere. That is Mastervolt’s mission. With our products and systems, we offer you the “power to be independent”. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. In order to guarantee that independence, Mastervolt has always opted for quality and the power of innovation. And to that we have added something very important: the passion to be the best. Factors which have led to Mastervolt becoming a leading, worldwide A-brand with a clear focus and specialisation in three market sectors: Maritime energy, Automotive energy, Solar energy.

MCH+, Den Haag, http://www.mchaaglanden.com/showpage.asp?id=4080, The MCH provides 2x7x24 hours of patient care

Microsoft, Diverse plaatsen  http://www.microsoft.com/ireland/careers/, search op internship

Midiator, Delft, http://www.midiator.eu/home, Midiator develops soft- and hardware for controlling professional lightshows. Various projects

Mimic Media, Amsterdam, http://www.mimicme.com/, MimicMe has developed the world's first revolutionary 3D garment digitisation process based on existing product pictures. This enables MimicMe to offer a high quality and affordable solution that is able to deal with high volume collections and quick inventory turnaround times.

Mitopics, Gouda, , www.mitopics.nl, IT consultancy.

Moba b.v., Barneveld, http://www.moba.nl/, Moba is the world's largest manufacturer of egg grading and packing machines. The company has its offices in Barneveld, the Netherlands. The development, design and manufacturing of all Moba machines take place there. Moba is part of FPS Egg Handling Systems b.v. whose main office is also in Barneveld. There are sales and service offices operating from the United States, Malaysia, Japan, China and the United Kingdom.

Mobzili Tec- ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, http://www.esa.int/esaMI/Business_Incubation/SEM4458N9JF_0.html,  Mobzili is a startup company which offers a Location Based Content platform for the mobile ecosystem. The platform relies on contextual information such as current position, and various inputs from the surrounding environment to present the mobile user with most relevant content.

Modex Datacommunication, Zoetermeer, http://www.modexdatacomm.com/, Modex Datacommunications produces advanced datacommunications equipment for both telecom and retail customers worldwide. Our products are focused on bringing fast and reliable datacommunications to homes and offices around the world.

Moxio, Delft, http://www.moxio.com/nl/home,  Moxio empowers organizations to manage their information using our state-of-the-art webbased enterprise platform. We do this by developing custom made webbased systems and developing our own generic products. Moxio implements business-operations platforms to manage workflow, share and exchange business information between departments and organizations.

Nassau Verzekeringen, Rotterdam, http://www.nassauverzekeringen.nl/home, wiskunde stage, Stagiair product pricing en risk modelling Afdeling Risk Management, Control en ICT. De afdeling Risk Management, Control en ICT (CICT) houdt zich bezig met (financiële) analyse, administratie, verslaglegging en IT-systemen.

NCIM groep, Leidschendam, http://www.ncim-groep.nl/, The NCIM Group specializes in seconding highly educated professionals to manage projects, consult, develop software, and manage systems in technical environments.

NCIM Groep, Leidschendam, www.ncim-groep.nl, NCIM-Groep is gespecialiseerd in het detacheren van goed opgeleide professionals voor met name software ontwikkeling in technische omgevingen. Oracle Nederland BV. Utrecht, http://www.oracle.com,  Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems

Ned. Aardolie Maatsch., Assen, http://www.nam.nl/home/Framework?siteId=nam-en,

Nedelko B.V., Barendrecht, http://www.nedelko.eu/index.htm, al meer dan 30 jaar importeur en distributeur van zeer hoogwaardige elektrotechnische materialen, elektronica componenten en veiligheids- en codeersystemen.

Nefli, B.v., Haarlem zoekt een of twee java programmeurs, stageplaats applicatie development, (EWI)

Netherlands Defence Academy, Den Helder, http://www.defensie.nl/nlda/, Internships EE/IN bachelor students and or EEMCS Master students, EEMCS Thesis work, Projects: Multimodal surveillance systems (3 subprojects), the harbor of Den Helder and military ships should be protected for attacks from the air, land and from the sea.

Netherlands Forensic Institute, Den Haag, http://www.narcis.nl/organisation/RecordID/ORG1236079, On behalf of its clients, the NFI uses state-of-the-art technology and science to provide high-quality forensic services. The NFI provides services to clients within the criminal justice chain, such as the Public Prosecution Service and the police.

Netsetup b.v., Rotterdam, http://www.netsetup.nl/,  Help our customers modernize their applications by providing a comprehensive framework with continuing support and innovation to create and maintain the world’s best performing and most scalable future-proof distributed software for business-to-business applications. This gives our customers a competitive edge while focusing on their core business.

New Compliance is a young and innovative company that focuses on several (electro)technological concepts and products that help improve patient safety on the O.R. (operating room) of the hospital

New Compliance, Delft, http://www.newcompliance.nl/over-ons/over-newcompliance

NewCompliance, Delft, http://www.newcompliance.nl/over-ons/over-newcompliance, NewCompliance is a highly innovative company that develops and produces several pioneering, technological products to improve the patient safety in operating rooms

NICE International BV, Utrecht, ). www.nice-international.com, NICE International BV is a social venture in The Netherlands that has developed a concept for solar-powered ICT service centers in developing countries. These NICE-centers are operated by local entrepreneurs on a franchise-basis.

NICIM groep, Logics Agro,De Lier, http://www.logiqsagro.nl/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=58, Logiqs Agro International, located in Maasdijk in the West of the Netherlands has become a leading developer and installer of Logistics systems for the worldwide horticulture.

Nikhef, Amsterdam, http://www.nikhef.nl/, NIKHEF is the National institute for subatomic physics in the Netherlands, in which the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA), the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (RU) and the Universiteit Utrecht (UU) collaborate.

NoldusInformation Technology, Wageningen, http://www.noldus.com/, Noldus Information Technology develops, markets, and supports innovative software, instruments, integrated systems, and services for behavioral research. These allow scientists and practitioners to enhance the quality of their data, to increase productivity, and to make optimal use of human or animal resources.

NXP Semiconductors, Nijmegen, www.nxp.com (brochure internships/thesiswork available)

NXP Semiconductors, Nijmegen, www.nxp.com, Uitgebreide brochure stage en afstudeeropdrachten EE. CS,

NXP Semiconductors, Nijmegen, www.nxp.com/jobs/ Various internship / thesis work assignments,

Oce-Technologies b.v., Venlo, http://www3.oce.com/jobs/index.html, Océ is one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative printing systems, software, media and document management services to professional users. Océ is commercially active in over 100 countries and has its own sales and services organization in more than 30 of these countries. The company has about 22.000 employees, 40 per cent of whom work in sales and service. The international Océ Head Office is situated in Venlo, in the south of the Netherlands, where the activities of the Business Units, Research & Development, Manufacturing & Logistics and International Marketing are centered

OCLC bv, Leiden, http://www.oclc.org/nl/nl/contentdm/support/default.htm,  In Nederland verzorgt OCLC de informatie-infrastructuur voor educatieve instellingen en culturele erfgoedinstellingen. In 2008 is een consortium opgericht dat bibliotheken van deze instellingen vertegenwoordigt. Dit consortium heeft vastgelegd hoe om te gaan met de gemeenschappelijke informatie-infrastructuur die samenwerkende bibliotheken in de loop der tijd samen met OCLC (het voormalige 'Pica') hebben opgebouwd.

Omnitrans International BV, Deventer, http://www.omnitrans-international.com/en/general/company-profile,  Software development traffic planning, Omnitrans International is a software company specialised in traffic and transport.

Omron, ’s-Hertogenbosch, http://omron.nl/, factory automation, components, sensors, progr. Controllers

Onderstaande bedrijven hebben ooit een plaats aangeboden.

Ontwerpbureau Fix, Rotterdam, http://www.ontwerpbureaufix.nl/, Een duurzame beleving in de buitenruimte. Op zoek naar een bijzondere inrichting van stedelijke en natuurlijke ruimten zoals pleinen, parken, en speelplaatsen? Ontwerpbureau FIX bedenkt, ontwerpt en levert. De 'living products' van FIX zijn uniek in Nederland! Duurzame energie, natuur, maatschappij en cultuur worden op interactieve wijze zichtbaar en beleefbaar in diverse straatmeubilair, speeltoestellen en projecten. Zowel jong en oud worden 'spelenderwijs' bewust gemaakt van mens(kracht) en energie met gedragsverandering tot gewenst doel.

Open Text int. B.V. Hoofddorp, http://www.opentext.com/2/global.htm, OpenText products help organizations put content to work. Whether your goal is to drive revenue, improve productivity, reduce costs or ensure regulatory compliance and sound information governance, OpenText has the product to execute.

Orange, Paris, France, http://www.orange.com/en_EN/,  The Orange Corporate entity called « ITN&PS », IT network & product support, has the role to develop the technical strategy for Orange Group. Its role consists in working with other group entities (Marketing, R&D, product lines) in order to define and to provide different countries with products and services. ITN&PS has more than 600 people through different Europe countries.

Organon N.V., Oss, http://www.organon.nl,  De afdeling CRI (CMC and Research Informatics) ontwikkelt en beheert een groot aantal IT applicaties die het proces van medicijn ontwikkeling bij Organon ondersteunen en verbeteren. In de afdeling werken ontwikkelaars, applicatie beheerders en project managers nauw samen met de research afdelingen om de juiste ondersteuning te kunnen bieden.

Ortec BV, Gouda, http://www.ortec.nl/,  one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization software solutions and consulting services. Our solutions result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting and network design.

Pareto, Zoetermeer, http://www.pareto.nl/, Pareto is an IT company specializing in web technology

Personeel en ZoBV,Amsterdam /Delft, www.personeelenzo.nl, De online oplossing voor uw personeels- en salarisadministratie. Software development

Philips Consumer Lifestyle, a mix of applied physics (acoustics and acoustic measurements, wind turbulences), materials (foams), electroacoustics (microphones, microphone mounting modelization), signal processing (filtering, DSP). The application is Consumer Electronics (headsets).

Philips Semiconductors, Eindhoven en Nijmegen,  www.nxp.com

Philips, Eindhoven, http://www.philips.com/global/index.page, Philips Research is the source of many advanced developments in Healthcare, Lifestyle and Technology. Building on the 90 years’ experience in industrial research and our world-leading patent position, we’re dedicated to meaningful innovations.

Photonics Healthcare B.V., spin-out from Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, http://www.photonicshealthcare.com/Photonics_Healthcare.html, Photonics Healthcare collaborates with Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam to develop and test devices that enable doctors, for the first time, to monitor vital information about the cellular metabolism of their patients. Likewise, researchers and drug developers will be able to gain online insight into one of the most basic functions of life: the conversion of nutrients and oxygen into energy that sustains the life in our cells.

Pijlhove ICT, Amsterdam, http://www.pijlhove.nl/site/index.php?id=34, lost bedrijfskundige problemen op. Wij leveren capaciteit, kennis en kunde. Daarbij zorgt onze mentaliteit en manier van werken voor praktische en volledige oplossingen die een blijvende verandering in uw organisatie waarborgen. is looking for a web developer designing graphical user interfaces and working on the look and feel of the portals: I Recruiting, I elearning , I HRM portals, key word usability. Also needed a Java Developer intern for the mentioned areas 

PikoPlant, Nootdorp www.pikoplant.nl, Piko Plant produces the most exclusive house plants for you. keywords: offerte system, online database, link outlook, fotos articles etc

PKM Solutions, Ridderkeerk, www.pkmsolutions.com, Various Internship positions, Software development, Visualisatie componenten (netwerkbrowsers, boomstructuren)- Sharepoint integratie, webservices- Performance verbeteringen (slimme stored procedures)- Installers met projectmanagementtools- Zoekmachines (dynamic search)- Import/Export wizards,

PLAXIS bv, Delft, www.plaxis.nl; Plaxis houdt zich bezig met de ontwikkeling van software voor de berekening van gedrag van grond en daarmee verbonden constructies. Denk daarbij aan berekeningen van tunnels, dijken, bouwputten, funderingen, etc.

 Plc is the leading player in the Open Server Based Gaming (SBG) market and is also the leading provider of analogue machines for the leisure and gaming markets.  The Group provides Open SBG software systems and SBG digital and networked terminals in over 6 countries today. 

Policy Research Corporation Nederland B.V., Rotterdam, http://www.policyresearch.nl/html/aboutus/isc_nl.asp?ISC=11, Policy Research is een onafhankelijk adviesbureau en creatieve denktank dat beschikt over een (academisch gevormd) team van jonge, enthousiaste en ambitieuze topconsultants. De kerncompetentie van Policy Research bestaat uit strategische organisatieontwikkeling en management, het uitwerken en helpen implementeren van concrete oplossingen voor strategisch gevoelige problemen en beleidsvraagstukken, en het oplossen van conflicten in opdracht van private en publieke partijen.

Portavita B.V., Amsterdam, www.portavita.nl, Portavita is een innovatief, snel groeiend IT bedrijf dat zich richt op de ontwikkeling van (software) toepassingen in de zorg, met name op het gebied van het Multidisciplinair (procesgerichte) Elektronisch Patiënten Dossier (EPD).

Practocol BV, Rotterdam, http://www.practocol.com/nederlands#/home, New drugs and other new treatments are constantly developed for diseases like cancer. As a result of this medical textbooks are usually out of date at the moment they are printed. Up to date treatment methods are available as treatment protocols. In the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam software was created to support workflow and decisions in cancer patients treated according to a medical protocol. This so called Kuren program has been used since 2001 for planning, calculation of dosages of drugs and communication between different health professionals. When a new protocol becomes available, information concerning the is entered into the database of the Kuren program. The rest of the protocol, such as for instance background information and information about data management is not entered. Delivery of protocols goes beyond the hospital walls. Furthermore treatment protocols are often identical in different hospitals. Therefore Practocol BV was founded in 2009 as a spinoff of the Erasmus Medical Centre

Priva B.V. De Lier, http://www.priva.nl/eCache/DEF/1/230.html, Priva has expertise in hardware, software and services for climate and process control. By optimising and integrating multiple processes, our clients achieve better results. Priva is an established leader in climate control in both the horticultural and building intelligence sectors.

Process Vision OY-Grades bv, Bussum, http://www.processvision.nl/, The Company is one of the leading software producers and suppliers with a 15-year experience in the liberating energy markets, focussing only on these markets.

Procter & Gamble Brussels, Belgium, Euskirchen, Germany, Netherlands www.pgcareers.com            http://www.pg.com/nl_NL/index.shtml

Prodive B.V., Son, http://www.prodrive.nl/, Prodrive was founded in 1993 by technical professionals from the Technical University Eindhoven. Prodrive rapidly becomes a highly successful medium sized company active in development and production of high quality of electronic solutions.

Prognosis Software Developm., Delft, www.matrixam.nl, Matrix Asset Management is een vermogensbeheerder voor zowel particuliere als professionele beleggers.


Progress Software Europe, Rotterdam, http://web.progress.com/en-gb/index.html, Progress Software is a global software company that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur — to capitalize on opportunities, drive efficiencies, and reduce risk

Prorail, Utrecht, http://www.prorail.nl/Pages/Homepage.aspx, Stage Wiskunde Veiligheid risico-analyses Spoorveiligheid,

Protension Composites, Delft, http://www.protension.nl/,  Protension Composites is a young engineering and manufacturing company located in Delft. The company finds its origin at the chair of Design and Production of Composite Structures of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Delft University of Technology). Over the years we have become specialists in the field of composite preforming technology.

Q, Delft, http://www.qdelft.nl/uk, develops custom information access software to support policy-making and decision-making processes.

Quinity, Utrecht, http://www.werkenbijquinity.nl//afstudeeropdrachten_wo, eBusiness solutions, Quinity is gespecialiseerd in het ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van bedrijfskritische administratieve applicaties met behulp van moderne technologie (JEE) tegen een superieure prijs/prestatieverhouding

QuinTech Engineering Innovations  B.V, Delft, http://www.quintech.nl/website/contact.php, The QuinTech team combines talents and expertise from various engineering disciplines. Originally a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, QuinTech still fosters a close relationship with several research groups and academic institutions, helping us to maintain our technological edge. Complemented by the experience and knowledge of our board of advisors we are able to tackle the most demanding of problems.

Rabo bank, Eindhoven, www.rabobankgroep.nl/werken, diverse stage en afstudeeropdrachten

Raet b.v. Amersfoort, http://www.raet.nl/?gclid=CN_w37He_agCFYSGDgodoH07SA ,  is een kennisintensieve IT-dienstverlener op het gebied van HR en payroll.

ReasonNet, Amsterdam, http://www.reasonnet.nl/,  Network solutions, Internet/ Intranetprojects.


Red Bag, Delft, http://www.red-bag.com/jcms/index.php, Red-Bag is a software development company growing its business in specialized areas of the (Petro-) Chemical industry. The core business is focused on mechanical engineering software and related services such as engineering and consultancy for pressure vessels, heat exchangers and pipe components.

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Biomedical Engineering Artificial Organs, Groningen,

Rinnic-Vaude, Maassluis, www.rinnic-vaude.nl, are a design and engineering company based in Maassluis, just next to Delft.

RIVM centrum VTV( Volksgezondheid Toekomst Verkenning), Bilthoven, http://www.rivm.nl/, lineaire optimalisatieproblemen bij locatieproblemen in de ambulancezorg. Doel om optimale spreiding van het aantal standplaatsen en ambulances in Nederland te bepalen.

Robeco, Rotterdam, http://www.robeco.nl/dut/particulieren/index.jsp, The investment Engineers, ICT, Strategy & Innovation

Roland Berger Stategy Consultants. Amsterdam, http://www.rolandberger.nl/index_en.html, Roland Berger voert een studie naar de financiële bijeffecten van de transitie naar duurzame energie. Het ontwikkelen van een model ter ondersteuning van analyses.

RoserConSys B.V., Dordrecht, www.roserconsys.com, RoserConSys B.V. is a software development company from the Netherlands.

Royal Boskalis Westminster, Dordrecht, http://www.boskalis.com/, Boskalis' core activity: Dredging & Earthmoving Dept. Hydronamic Engineering,.

Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF), Volkel, Den Haag, http://www.defensie.nl/luchtmacht, , Investigation of security aspects regarding the use of Java virtual machine versus the use of CITRIX products. Background: some of our centrally based databases can be accessed by clients on the company’s network via CITRIX or Oracle Application Server using Java Virtual machine. Main goal will be to establish whether information from the central database will remain on the client’s computer after the use of the application and thus cause a security violation. Other aspects that need investigating are costs and performance issues etc. The final document will be used in order to make a choice between different server based computing architectures for these applications.

Samsung Electronics, Suwon, South Korea, http://www.samsung.com, Samsung Electronics is one of the world’s premier Consumer Electronics/IT Companies, currently operating in 124 different countries around the globe.

SapnaSolutions, Pune India, http://www.sapnasolutions.com/en, Immerse yourself in Indian Culture while gaining an international startup work experience. SapnaSolutions is a startup, product based Web Development Company in Pune, India.,

SatCap B.V., Amsterdam, http://www.satcap.com/, Dev. Tool voor prestatieanalyse van een satellietverbinding op het internet.

Schlumberger, Montrouge, Frankrijk, http://www.slb.com/, To oil and gas companies worldwide, Schlumberger is the leading oilfield services provider, trusted to deliver better results in any location to help customers improve E&P performance. Like our reputation, our brand is synonymous with innovation and technology, domain knowledge, service quality, global presence and shareholder confidence. Our brand is born from our commitment to excellence and our promise to deliver the best possible performance—anytime, anywhere. Every communication we create, which has the Schlumberger identity on it, reinforces this message.

Schlumberger Water Services, Delft, http://www.swstechnology.com/,  Internship offers. Internship (BSc or MSc) in Electrical Engineering (Micro Electroncis, Telecommunication, Embedded Systems) BSc Computer Sciences. Schlumberger is one of the world's largest service providers for the oil and gasindustry. Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of Schlumberger

Science and Technology BV, Delft, http://www.stcorp.nl/,   werkzaam is op het gebied van model-based software ontwikkeling tbv klanten zoals ESA, TNO, Shell, ASML (trefwoorden: model-based systems, embedded software, ruimtevaart, autonome systemen) Samen met de faculteit EWI (PGS groep) werken wij aan de ontwikkeling en toepassing van zgn. model-based software tbv. automatische foutdiagnose, reconfiguratie, replanning, etc. kortom autonome functies die kenmerkend zijn voor de software van de toekomst.

SDB Professionals, IT te Den Haag, http://www.sdb.nl/, SDB is leading in software development.

Seize this opportunity and apply. Mind the final deadlines, so you are advised

Seize this opportunity and apply. This is our final deadline (….2012), so you are advised

Semantica, Leiderdorp, http://document-solutions.semantica.com/nl/, Software dev.

semiconductors , RF. (6mnd), Stageplaatsen, Mixed/Digital Signal Processing, Wireless RF Communication

Semlab b.v., Alphen a/d Rijn, www.semlab.nl,  softwaredev

Ses World Skies, Den Haag, http://www.ses-worldskies.com/worldskies/index.php,  tailored solutions for satellite communications needs.

Sharewire BV, Den Haag, www.sharewire.net, Sharewire is a leading, full service agency for mobile application development.

Shell, Amsterdam, Den Haag. http://www.shell.nl/home/content/nld/aboutshell/who_we_are/locations/, Afstuderen/stage, Richting Statistiek, Risk, Num. Methodes.

ShowRush Entertainment BV, Nijmegen, www.showrush.com, ShowRush Entertainment BV is an online start-up company headquartered in Nijmegen.

Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, VS, www.scr.siemens.com/jobs.htm

Siemens VDO trading,Eindhoven, Car communication, stage/ afstudeerplaatsen, brochure ter inzage (EWI)

SNS Bank, IT bank ontwikkeling , ’s-Hertogenbosch,  www.werkenbijsnsbank.nl, Tool selectie voor UML modelling, Stage(afstudeeropdracht: Optimalisatie Modelleermethode, het meebepalen van de meest optimale modelleer tool

Software development

Software group: It is not known widely that here in Delft there is an actual software development lab of IBM. This has happened by means of IBM acquiring the leading edge security software company Consul Risk Management BV in early 2007. Here in Delft we make software for analysis, monitoring, administering and in general safeguarding security in large commercial and governmental IT systems.

Sogeti Nederland B.V., Rotterdam, http://www.sogeti.nl/over-sogeti/, . Business ICT, Applicatie Services, Infrastructuur Services, Testen en Kwaliteitszorg.

Sogyo, De Bilt, www.sogyo.nl, Sogyo is een innovatieve, creatieve en vooral inhoudelijk gedreven IT-dienstverlener.

Soliditree Information Services B.V. , Amsterdam, op www.soliditree.com., ICT

Solware, Naaldwijk, www.solware.nl,  Sspecialist in het ontwikkelingen van internet applicaties voor het MKB.

Spaesuvius Mobile Software, Amsterdam, http://www.spaesuvius.com/, Mobile Software development for all brands

Square One bv, Noordwijk, http://www.square1.nl,   Bouwen van een prototype van een Zoek Engine (WindMill) voor grafische tekeningen

Stabiplan BV, Bodegraven, www.stabiplan.nl/student, te vinden

 Stabiplan develops and distributes CAD software for the building services industry (mechanical, electrical and plumbing).

Stachanov b.v. , Amsterdam, Stage http://www.stachanov.com/, is a firm of dedicated and highly skilled technical information engineers. Fin. Software, raakvlak fin. Wiskunde. Programmeren

Steape, Amsterdam, http://www.steape.com/, The company develops mobile applications for the travel world. The current products are travel guides and talking translators available for more then 350 handsets.

Steenman Asset Management SA, Geneve, http://www.scorevalue.com/uk/about-scorevalue/why-scorevalue, In this role the candidate will work with quantitative methods to analyse hedge funds. Analysing hedge fund track records to understand what drives performance will be a daily task. Stress testing, VaR and regression analysis are used to understand the linear and non-linear risks..

Stenman Holland Bv, Veenendaal, http://www.axacompany.com/english/corporate/het_bedrijf.html,

Stenman Holland is een bedrijf dat onder meer fietssloten en fietsverlichting ontwerpt en produceert. Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid, Leidschendam, www.swov.nl

Strukton Rolling Stock bv (business unit of Strukton Rail), Utrecht, www.struktonrail.com,

Summit Health, De Lier, http://www.summithealth.nl/, Summit Health is an innovative medical sports healthcenter, unlike the usual fitness center. Cornerstone of our activities is an environmental friendly approach to our company policies

Survey sampling Int. Rotterdam, http://www.surveysampling.com/en, ICT , Development team

Sustainable Dance Club began in 2007 as a creative concept, a spin-off company from Enviu (creative sustainability concepts) and Döll architects. Combining a creative approach with very innovative technologies, SDC is enabling clubs, festivals and events all over the world to become more sustainable and inventive. In 2009, SDC is known throughout the world for its innovative dance floor.

Sustainable Dance Club, Rotterdam, http://www.sustainabledanceclub.com/

Sword Ltd, Geneve, http://www.sword-group.com/en-us/Pages/Home.aspx,  Sword Group delivers high value business applications to the world’s largest companies globally.

System Navigator, Delft, http://www.systemsnavigator.com/sn_website/

Systems Navigator is a software company specialized in developing Operational Decision Support Systems based on simulation and scheduling technology

Tass is a leading provider of software solutions for crash-simulation.

Tass, Delft, http://www.tass-safe.com/en/products/delft-tyre/,

Tata Steel (was Corus Staal BV), IJmuiden, http://www.tatasteeljobs.nl/stages-en-afstuderen.html, Internship/thesis work for power engineering, datacommunication, telematica students 

TBA Nederland, Delft, is a leading international provider of consultancy and software. Its product and service portfolio concentrates on marine terminals and container terminals.

Tebodin Consultants &Engineers, Den Haag, http://www.tebodin.com/countries/netherlands/en/Pages/default.aspx

TellUs, Rotterdam, www.tellus.co, TellUs is a company which operates within the e-marketing industry

Terre des Hommes, Bolivia, IT internship, see www.terredeshommes.nl/stage

Test & Kalibratie Service BV . Alkmaar, http://www.tksonline.nl/, TKS kan u breed consulteren op het gebied van kalibratie, meettechnieken, kwaliteitssystemen,beheer en management. Maar ook voor het inregelen van de regelaar voor uw oven voor uw specificaties

Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing defence, aerospace and security markets worldwide. Thales’ leading-edge technology is supported by 22,000 R&D engineers who offer a capability unmatched in Europe to develop and deploy field-proven mission-critical systems.

Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing defence, aerospace and security markets worldwide.

Thales, Netherlands, Delft and Thales international, www.jobs.thalesgroup.com and www.thalesgroup.comnew brochure for internships and thesis work available.

Thales, Netherlands, Delft and Thales international, www.jobs.thalesgroup.com and www.thalesgroup.com/nl, (trainee), new brochure for internships and thesis work available.

the largest microprocessor research and design center in Europe. A diversified, global team of engineering talents works closely with peers from around the world to design the next generation microprocessors, related tools and technologies.

Their Software Development, Vlaardingen, http://www.planning.nl/, onderzoeken van nieuwe programmeertechnieken en ontwikkelen van planning tools

Thermcon, Geldermalsen, , www.thermcon.com, ontwerp en bouw van machines voor de aluminium industrie

These firms offered an internship in the past.

Thule Towing Systems, Staphorst. http://www.thuletowingsystems.com/, A car with a towing hitch? It is highly likely you have a product from Thule Towing Systems, European market leader in towing systems and carrying solutions. The Thule group is market leader in systems to transport your gear safely, easily and in style.

TNO, Delft, Den Haag, Soesterberg, http://www.tno.nl/index.cfm?Taal=2, TNO is a contract research organization with many experts on different locations. In order to serve our customers well we work together in teams with several experts, often from different locations.

TNO. Afd. Electrical System Integration, BU monitoring Systems, Delft, Stage/afstuderen voor EE, software ontwikkelaars, gebieden Sensor System integration, System archtectures (wireless/high performance, model based electromagnetic sensing

TNT Innight, Nieuwegein, http://www.tntinnight.nl/dycom4/dycom.aspx, Doel van de opdracht:Vaststellen van de behoefte aan intranet bij TNT Innight, vaststellen in welke vorm het best in deze behoefte voorzien wordt, vaststellen welke benodigdheden er nodig dan wel aanwezig zijn, optioneel: ontwerp van functionele en beheersmatige organisatie voor intranet.

to apply as soon as possible. You can send your resume and motivation letter to:

to apply as soon as possible. You can send your resume and motivation letter to:

Tom, Tom, Amsterdam, http://www.tomtom.jobs/, TomTom is the world’s leading provider of location and navigation solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands we employ over 3000 employees worldwide. More than 40 million people daily use our solutions, be it in the form of dedicated portable navigation devices (PNDs), in-dash car systems or tracking and tracing solutions for fleet management. In addition, hundreds of millions of people use our digital maps and dynamic location content on the internet or mobile

TPG Post, Den Haag, http://www.tntpost.nl/overtntpost/bedrijf/, TNT Post wil in elk land van Europa de tweede postale dienstverlener worden na de nationale postbedrijven. We breiden onze internationale activiteiten op het gebied van geadresseerde en ongeadresseerde post nog steeds uit. Dat geldt ook voor gesegmenteerde distributiediensten voor direct mail, reclamedrukwerk en monsters. Daarnaast gaan we in Europa allianties aan met andere organisaties en postbedrijven. Tot slot leveren we wereldwijde grensoverschrijdende postdiensten. Dat gebeurt via Spring, onze joint venture met Royal Mail Group plc.

Tremani, Delft, www.tremani.nl, Tremani is an allround agency for the design and development of complex webbased interfaces and information systems.

Trinité Automatisering B.V., Uithoorn, http://www.trinite.nl/, Dynamic traffic management.

Tubecon, Zuid Afrika, http://www.tubecon.co.za/, the fastest and most reliable steel tube and hollow section supplier in South Africa.  We are stockholders of the widest range in steel tubing and steel hollow sections in South Africa but will also manufacture custom steel hollow sections and open steel rolled sections to your specifications in record time.

Tuk Tuk Company B.V., Diemen, http://www.tuktukcompany.nl/,  Tuk Tuk Company successfully introduced Asian three wheels to the Dutch market.

Tygron, Delft, http://www.tygron.nl, Tygron is a technostarter located in Delft, near the TUD campus. We develop computer games for more than just entertainment. Tygron’s games are mostly aimed at training management skills, but use lots of gameplay elements from entertainment games

Unga Toys, Amsterdam, http://www.ungatoys.com/, Unga Toys bedenkt en ontwikkelt speelgoed en promotionele artikelen voor kinderen.

Unido Ichet, Istanbul, Turkey, www.unido-ichet.org, The International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies is a project of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization with the mission to demonstrate and support the widespread use of hydrogen energy systems worldwide. As part of our educational activities, we propose internships to eligible students in the frame of the European Commission’s ERASMUS student placement programme. The internships are to take place in our Istanbul headquarters and to last three months or more. As the number of positions is limited, it is our wish that only students interested in hydrogen energy benefit from this opportunity.  The sharing of cutting-edge energy technologies aiming at curbing down the global climate change is an endeavour that can only be completed through international cooperation, and students from your country would undoubtedly benefit from such an immersion in an exciting working environment.

Unilever internationaal stageprogramma: www.internationalestage.nl,

internationalestage: www.youandunilever.com, Internship  robotic and loading systems/ productie /automation.

Universiteit Leiden, medische faculteit, http://www.lumc.nl/home/0004/71213104318221/ internships

University of Western Australia, Perth, http://www.mech.uwa.edu.au/~keating,  The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. It is a member of significant international networks of excellent research intensive universities, including the Worldwide Universities Network and the Matariki Network of Universities  as well as a member of the Australian 'Group of Eight' research universities. Sitting on the banks of the Swan River, the UWA Crawley campus is the oldest in Western Australia and among the most picturesque in the nation with its grand sandstone and terracotta buildings sitting among elegant heritage-listed gardens. Various projects, Various including electronic, mechanical, mechatronic, computer programming and data analysis.  Some takes require only 1, other use multiple skills to achieve the end goal. Students working on projects under Dr Keating collaborate with other final year students, PhDs, researchers and academics at UWA. Projects will be run under a research theme and students will be encouraged to work on advanced projects that would result in a publication output. -Porous Silicon – An advanced sensor material, -Microfluidic and Lab-on-Chip Technologies, -Bioengineering. 

Uniware Computer Systems B.V., Vlaardingen, http://www.uniware.nl/, Ontwikkeling en implementatie informatie systeem, Ict oplossingen in de bloemen en plantengroothandel

UPC Broadband (UPC) is a Pan-European provider of television, broadband internet and telephone services.  .

UPC Broadband , Schiphol,  http://www.upc.com/, , Network Technical project involvement - Low-level design. Network device baseline (implementation and operational standard) governance. Solution build and implementation tasks. Develop problem resolution skills/process.

UrsaMinor, Delft, http://www.ursaminor.nl/ursaminor/index.html Founded in 2002, Ursa Minor's main focus is on the design and implementation of novel location based services, particularly for the purpose of increasing public safety. Its staff combine technical and market knowledge with experience at the forefront of the space industry in continuing to enhance Ursa Minor's role as an innovator in Europe.

Vanderlande Industries, Veghel, http://www.vanderlande.nl/, Onderzoek en advies energiebesparing. De groep Feasibility & Technology binnen R&D verzorgt haalbaarheidsstudies naar nieuwe product-markt combinaties en naar nieuwe technologieën

Various Internship/thesis work offers in the field of Telecommunications, Software Technology, ME& CE, Electrical Power Engineering etc, see

Ventika BV, Rotterdam, www.ventika.com/, Ventika is an open innovation network where innovators can share ideas with companies who realize them. The company is founded in 2008 by a former Industrial Design student of TU Delft and a Business Administration student of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The core of Ventika is its web application which is a high quality social network. Ventika has the ambition to become the world’s largest online open innovation network and provide 100.000 innovators with the ultimate virtual working environment

Versatel, Amsterdam, www.versatel.nl/, telecommunications, data, internet, mobile, hosting.

Vialis Verkeer en Mobiliteit, Haarlem, http://www.vialis.nl/bin/ibp.jsp?ibpLastAction=custom&ibpPage=S93_HomePage&, Vialis - een werkmaatschappij van VolkerWessels - levert mobiliteitsoplossingen die (blijven) werken. De producten en diensten van Vialis zorgen voor een gegarandeerde en veilige doorstroming op de weg en over het spoor. Uiteraard gebeurt dat zo ‘groen' mogelijk.

Villmond Luxembourg, http://www.villmond.lu/, is an IT consulting company based in Luxembourg. With a business approach based on innovation and strong commitment Villmond delivers effective, reliable and high quality ECM and Content Integration solutions that help organizations to get the maximum value from their content.

Vodafone, Maastricht, http://over.vodafone.nl/vodafone-nederland/locaties/maastricht,  R&D Telecommunication

Voorziening tot samenwerking Politie Nederland, Odijk/Delft http://www.politie.nl/vtspn/

Vortech Computing, Delft, http://www.vortech.nl/,  VORtech Computing is een unieke combinatie van een ingenieursbureau en een softwarehuis. We combineren diepgaande kennis van wiskundige modellering, simulatie- en rekenmethoden met state-of-the art software ontwikkelingsmethoden.

VP Instruments, Delft, http://www.vpinstruments.com/, We provide our customers worldwide with high quality, easy-to-use solutions for compressed air energy management. Our products help you to reduce compressed air consumption and energy costs. Our flow meters and measurement software are also used for Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium and other technical gases. VPInstruments is certified ISO 9001:2000..

VSB (Verenigde bijzondere scholen), Den Haag, http://www.vbs.nl/, De VBS is een organisatie die in samenwerking met scholen zoekt naar innovatieve oplossingen om het primaire en secundaire proces te verbeteren. Ict is daarbij vaak een belangrijk onderdeel. Op dit moment hebben wij verschillende projecten lopen waarbij wij ondersteuning zoeken van deskundige ict studenten. Het gaat dan met name om het ontwerpen van relationele databases met verschillende gebruikers en soms complexe visuele output.

VSTEP, Rotterdam, http://www.vstep.nl/,  VSTEP is the leading European developer of simulators and virtual training software. Using interactive 3D technology from the computer gaming industry, VSTEP creates training applications and serious games that allow people to build their skills in a practical and cost effective way.

VtsPN start in samenwerking met het DECIS Lab de realisatie van een demonstratiesysteem op basis van agent technologie, met als doel om binnen de context van een 112 incident aanvullende informatie uit heterogene gegevensbronnen te verzamelen en te classificeren en vervolgens deze informatie zo gericht mogelijk onder de aandacht te brengen van medewerkers in de meldkamer en hulpverleners in het veld.

We are a company that performs statistical Risk Analyses for Petrochemical Installations like oil refineries and storage tank farms.

Web Integration BV, Den Haag, http://www.webintegration.nl/, internet toepassingen, virtual communities, e-commerce, wireless access.

Websend BV, Leidschendam, http://www.websend.nl/,  For the past 10 years, Websend BV has been active in the sale of GSM subscriptions and mobile phones. Having originally established Studentmobiel.nl, Websend BV has in recent years branched out with GSMwijzer.nl and Laptopwijzer.nl. Currently, we are amongst the 3 largest expanding web (telecom) shops in The Netherlands. KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telfort, Hi, and Ben, Holland’s main telecom carriers, are all officially represented in Websend BV’s web shops.

West Consulting B.V., Delft, http://www.west.nl/, West Consulting (West) is a leading high-end IT consulting, development and integration company, founded in 1985. West has considerable experience as a company offering reliable, scalable services to her clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Wheel Innovation, Utrecht, (URL Under development), Wheel Innovation is a start-up company in the field of technical applications of WiFi

Witteveen + Bos, Deventer, http://www.witteveenbos.com/en/organisation,  Witteveen+Bos is an engineering and consultancy firm that provides services in the water, infrastructure, spatial development, environment and construction sectors. Our multidisciplinary approach to projects is the distinctive feature of the way we work. Our clients are public bodies, private sector companies, industries and different types of joint ventures. We serve our clients from eight offices in the Netherlands and six international offices.

Working Tomorrow is the graduation program of Logica, a large IT company with over 39.000 employees worldwide.  This program runs at six locations in the Netherlands offering students innovative assignments. We investigate the feasibility and opportunities of innovative solutions in many IT related areas

Workx Materieelverhuur B.V., Naarden, At this moment Workx equipment rental exists out of 41 depots spread over The Netherlands. Improving business results in equipment rental by implementation of MIS (a Management Information System)

www.spoorjob.nl, Strukton Rolling Stock provides technological solutions for the implementation of complete electro-technical and electronic board systems.

Xcreen technology Co, Leusden, http://www.xcreent.com/page002.html,  Xcreen is a China based company specialized in consumer electronics. Xcreen was founded by a group of people who are experienced in the consumer electronics field. The sales and marketing team of Xcreen is based in the Netherlands.

Xemics te Neuchatel, Zwitserland, http://www.xemics.com/internet/jobs/jobs_jsp.html,

Xerox BV, Breukelen http://www.xerox.com/jobs/nlnl.html,  Xerox is toonaangevend leverancier van digitale technologie op het gebied van (kleuren)printen en kopiëren, document management outsourcing en documentbeheer oplossingen. Xerox telt vestigingen in meer dan 75 landen, waar zo’n 53.000 mensen werken. Het hoofdkantoor van de Nederlandse verkoopmaatschappij is gevestigd in Breukelen

XPAR, Groningen, www.xparvision.com, We develop and implement solutions for hot end inspection and quality control in order to assist container glass manufacturers in achieving a higher level of forming process control, as thus allowing them meeting their increasing customer expectations and improving their product quality, whilst increasing efficiency levels and also reducing energy levels and carbon emission.

Zon energie.nu, Obdam, http://www.zonenergie.nu/profiel, in samenwerking met ECN: Duurzame energie zoals zonne- of windenergie wordt vaak decentraal opgewekt, en is daarom moeilijk centraal te voorspellen of te sturen. Naarmate er meer energie decentraal opgewekt wordt, wordt het lastiger om vraag en aanbod goed op elkaar af te blijven stemmen.



J. de Vries 
Internship Officer / International Relations Coordinator 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS),
Delft University of Technology

Stagecoördinator / Coördinator Internationalisering

Faculteit Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica (EWI),
TU Delft 

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