• Study regularly and seriously
  • Make a study plan
  • Go to the tutorials and make use of exercise material to practise exams
  • Make sure you observe the rules on quoting, paraphrasing and stating sources correctly and carefully
  • Practise quoting and refer to examples in scientific texts
  • If in doubt, ask your lecturer for help
  • Make firm agreements about tasks during group assignments
  • Swap roles every now and then, so that you acquire the all-round experience you will need for individual assignments.
  • Do not tempt other people

Fraud & Plagiarism

Stress, lack of time, a missed lecture. None of these constitute reasons to ‘stretch the rules’ and you should not be tempted to do so. You are in an academic environment where you are being educated to become an engineer with an independent mind. This includes developing an academic attitude, which involves learning to trust your own critical faculties and being assessed on your own performance. Fraud and academic misconduct, whether committed deliberately or unknowingly, do not belong in this context.

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