1st year students

On this page you can find the most important information for first year students. If you have any questions or need additional information you can take a look at our Airport. At our Airport you can find important information about procedures, organization and education. For up to date information about courses and exams you can visit Brightspace.

Reception Day,
Monday September 4th, at the start of the academic year, we welcome every first year student at our Reception Day. During this day you can order your books and drawing materials, meet your mentor and mentor group and you will be prepared for a great start at the faculty of Aerospace. You will receive additional information concerning the exact time and location by email.

Freshmen Weekend
The Aerospace Engineering Student Society VSV “ Leonardo da Vinci invites you to participate in the Freshmen Weekend 2017, organised especially for all new aerospace students. This year the Freshmen Weekend will take place from Thursday 17 August until Sunday 20 August 2017. Surrounded by beautiful aircraft and helicopters, you can participate in several interesting and entertaining activities, such as parties with live music or several flyby’s. During this weekend, you get to know your fellow study members. The Freshmen Weekend offers a good way to start off your student life in Delft, so don’t hesitate and subscribe for the Freshmen Weekend! For more information and registration, visit www.ejw-lr.nl

All first year students are placed into mentor groups. A mentor is a senior student who will help first year students getting around. From him or her you will receive information concerning the mentor system, the division into groups and your college schedule.

Academic Counsellor
For personal and study related questions or problems, you can consult the academic counsellor. You can thinks about: BSA, study delay, study doubts and reporting illness/disability. Here you can find more information concerning the academic counsellors.

Study material
The Aerospace Engineering Student Society VSV “ Leonardo da Vinci sells textbooks and drawing materials at discount rates. All first year titles are in stock. Payments can be made with Maestro (debetkaart), Mastercard (creditkaart) en Visa (creditkaart). (Note there are no cash facilities). Ordering before arrival in Delft is not necessary, you’ll receive more information on how and when to order at the Information Day

Please note that obtaining your drawing materials is mandatory for participating in Engineering Drawing.

Time tables
First year time tables will be available at the TU Delft website from the last week of August on. You can find these time tables at our Airport. The exact time table depends on what mentor group you are in.

You need your NetID for all ICT facilities, like Brightspace and your TUD email. Besides this you need your NetID for ordering lecture notes or a laptop. If you experience any problems logging in please bring the letter with your NetID, your one-time-key (one-time login code) and a proof of identity to the Servicepunt of the faculty of Aerospace. The Servicepunt can be found at the main entrance of the faculty (Kluyverweg 1, building 62).

Laptop project
The TU Delft offers both BSc and MSc students the possibility to buy a laptop. More information can be found here. If and when a hardware failure occurs you can bring the laptop to a central location on the University campus (IVL, Mekelweg 6), where it will be repaired. During the repair period you can borrow a laptop so that you can continue working.

Binding recommendation (Dutch acronym: BSA)
First year students have to obtain at least 45 credits (EC) in the first year (the full first year programme is 60 EC). If you obtain less than 45 EC you cannot continue your studies in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. This binding advice will be issued in August 2018. During the academic year 2017-2018 you will be updated on your study progress. For more information see www.bsa.tudelft.nl or take a look at the Airport.

Course description
In our digital study guide you can find the description of the first year courses.

More information
In the left column you can find more useful information about the upcoming academic year. If you have additional questions please have a look at our Airport or ask your mentor.  

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