Bridging programme

The bridging programme is a preparatory programme for the MSc Aerospace Engineering. The major objectives of the bridging programme Aerospace Engineering are the development of skills in mathematics and mechanics and aerospace engineering to an academic bachelor level and the skills of thinking and working in models. The bridging programme consists of the bridging class. The bridging class has to be completed before one can start the MSc.

Please note, as of academic year 2017-2018 TU Delft will no longer offer bridging minors. As of then it will only possible to take the full 47 EC bridging programme after completion of your hbo degree programme. Students that are currently doing a bridging minor will be allowed  to finish it.

Bridging programme
You can find more detailed information concerning the programme and regulation of the the bridging class in the document below. In here you can also find the composition of the programme.

For more information concerning the courses you can best take a look in our study guide. In here your can find a detailed course description, course material and year planning.


All applications are processed by our central student administration. If you would like to apply you can find all information concern the procedure and requirements on the following webpage:

Students participating in de bridging programme and bridging minor

If you have any questions concerning the programme, study planning, continuation in the master or other study related matters you can contact the academic counsellors.

Procedure application master programme

Like any other student, bridging students will need to register through Studielink for the master programme when you meet the requirements for admission. More information can be found on: After registration in Studielink, you will need to apply for the master track: more information can be found on the AE Airport > Master.

Additional step for bridging minor students:

Are you a registered bridging minor student? Then you will need to have your programme confirmed before registration can be completed. You can do this by filling out the form below and send it to the academic counsellors by e-mail. The academic counsellor will check it and will confirm your eligibility for registration for the master programme to the educational administration and Central Student Administration.

Should you have questions about filling out the form, please visit the academic counsellors during open office hours or send an e-mail. Contact information can be found on the AE Airport.



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