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Canada | United States


A lot of us cannot deny we have never thought about it: studying abroad in America. TU Delft  has partner agreements with universities through the entire continent, where you can broaden your horizon and deepen your knowledge; from Kansas to Nebraska and from Maryland to Canada. You can also choose to participate in the Global E3 programme that is connected to 35 universities in the United States alone. So don’t hesitate and apply to spread your wings at the other side of the Atlantic.



In for a challenge? Travel to North America to do your tech-based internship in places like Silicon Valley in California, home of the world’s largest high-tech companies. Or in Massachusetts where MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is located. This continent offers you everything you need to succeed in finding and doing a technology based internship. The business culture is demanding, a real change from how we are used to do things here in the Netherlands.


Short Stay

Only want to travel to Amerika for a shorter period of time? Also possible! You could, for example, choose to participate in several summer programmes organised by the University of British Columbia.

Student story

Ashley went to the University of Waterloo in Canada. Check out her story.

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