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Orientation for your study and future career

Within the Career & Counselling Services the TU Delft Career Centre team is there to help you with topics such as “(re)thinking your study”, Master options, or future career orientation.

Activities and appointments

We offer a wide range of workshops and activities to enhance your skills and help you find the perfect new course, job or internship! You can make an appointment with one of our counsellors, or walk by our office for more information!

Online tools

We offer you multiple online tools to become more familiar with the world of work, such as: Destinations, Keuzegids Universiteiten (Dutch), and other helpful links. Look at our vacancy wall for the latest internship positions, graduation assignments or starting positions.

Meet Companies

Quite often it is challenging to know where to start if you want to learn what a company does exactly, what you could do there and what it is really like to work there. This is why the TU Delft Career Centre organises Talk&Toasts, informal opportunities for companies, students, PhDs, PDEngs and recent alumni to become better acquainted. The group size is usually limited so that there is ample opportunity to pose your questions to the employees present. The set-up of the Talk&Toast is always described in the announcement, as it may include an interview.

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Mary Zuiderwijk


What students, PhDs, PDEngs and alumni have to say about their experience with the TU Delft Career Centre:

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