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IDEA League Student Research Grant

Grant scheme – TU Delft

This special IDEA League grant is for the promotion of student collaborations on research projects between TU Delft, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen and Chalmers University of Technology. These grants can be used on all student levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

The grant is intended for a short-term research stay at an IDEA League partner university. For example, doing the experimental part of a thesis would fall under this category. The grant is not intended for students who also want to attend courses during their exchange period. The grant is awarded on a competitive basis.

The grant

The grant will be € 1,000 per month. It is generally available for periods from two weeks to six months. However, preference is given to short-term periods. The grant will be awarded by the sending university. Each IDEA League university can currently offer 36 months of grants. If the IDEA League fund at TU Delft no longer has any available funds, it is pointless to submit an application. It is therefore prudent to inquire at the International Office if a grant from the IDEA League fund is possible.

Please note it is not possible to combine the IDEA League Student Research Scholarship with one of the other student mobility funds of TU Delft (Erasmus, STIR, IS, VM and CvB). For any given foreign stay you may only apply for one grant/funding.

Subject areas

Students interested in the grant should, together with their supervisor, find a project related to the IDEA League networks on Energy, Environment, Health, ICT or Mobility, and apply at their respective IDEA League University.

The contact with an academic at the chosen IDEA League partner university must be made via the student's supervisor.

Application procedure

  • Student makes contact with academic at chosen partner institution via their TU Delft supervisor and receives written agreement (by email from institutional email address or post).
  • Student hands in application form including short research proposal, letter of recommendation from tutor or supervisor at TU Delft, agreement email by academic at the IDEA League partner institution and letter of motivation and cv to TU Delft’s International Office (see address below). Please note, the application must be submitted before the start of the research project. It is not possible to submit an application after you have started your project.
  • Successful candidates will be informed 3 weeks after the application has been submitted.
  • International Office arranges payment (paid into NL bank account as standard procedure) of the grant and takes care of administrative matters in collaboration with the equivalent office at the partner university. 
  • Students will remain registered at TU Delft as a regular student, where they also pay their tuition fees. 
  • Upon return to TU Delft the student has to hand in a brief report (1 page A4) on their project to the International Office within 14 days, including a photograph of themselves in the host lab. International Office sends copies of report to representatives involved and the report will be published on the website. 
  • Students participating in the grant scheme may be listed on the IDEA web following the visit and in media from TU Delft for promotional activities.

In case the student fails to meet the conditions above or i n case the research period abroad is cancelled for unforeseen reasons or the period of stay ended earlier than originally intended, students are obliged to return all or part of the grant.

Administrative Contact

International Office
Gerdien de Graaf and Gina The
Jaffalaan 9a - 2628 BX Delft
T: +31 15 27 88012

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