English courses for students

Admission to all English courses for students (except WM1112TU: Spoken English) is via the Placement Test. 
Continuing students and students who have completed courses in the English Unit, please contact your previous instructor or the structure of the course you wish to join.

Information about English courses is only available in English. Please make sure that you are using SIS in the English mode. You can also find the information on Blackboard. Either go to the General English course or, if you need information about a specific course, go to the Blackboard site of that course.

All courses, except PROM 4, begin in the first week of each semester. PROM 4 begins in the week of 11 February 2008.

In order to follow any of the student courses - except Wm1112TU: Spoken English - you must first take the Placement Test (large computer room at TBM).

(Note: You do NOT need to register for the test).

You will be assigned a course based on your Placement Test performance and your needs.
(Students who have successfully completed other English courses in this department do not need to take the test. Contact your previous instructor for advice). After this you can join a group by using “Grouptool” in Blackboard.

Prom-4 is a writing course for PhD students and lecturers, which aims to improve participants' ability to write papers, reports or a PhD dissertation in English. The focus will be on technical, scientific English. Participants are required to sit a placement test before they can join Prom-4. For details about the test, see below. More information can be found on the site: Scientific Writing in English

For more information please contact either the lecturer or:
Languages Secretary (Institute of Technology and Communication)
TBM, Room b.1.230,
Tel. 015-2784124
Fax 015-2782104
Opening times Mon - Fri 09.00-12.30
Email: n.smeets@remove-this.tbm.tudelft.nlLanguages Secretary (English-unit-tbm@remove-this.tudelft.nl)


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