junior Technical Sales Engineer

(LED automotive team)

The company

This international Japanese company with their European headquarters in our nation’s capital is the number one LED (Light Emitting Diodes) manufacturer in the world with the largest market share among other high brightness LED manufacturers. With 20 locations and over 8000 employees worldwide they provide reliable customer support to thousands of customers across the globe.

Throughout the history of the company they have focussed on inventions and development of different types of LEDs across the full range of the visible spectrum.

They have a wide selection of LEDs for all kinds of applications, such as: 

  • Automotive with highly reliable LEDs to support applications with high safety standards
  • General lighting applications requiring colour rendering and long life-time
  • LEDs for LCD backlighting requirements
  • UV-LEDs for ink curing (printing) and bill checking

The job

During an intensive training and guidance by a Key Account Manager you work in a team of sales engineers who are responsible for providing high quality LEDs for the automotive industry. You actively work on building relationships with customers in order to optimize communication and reach mutual goals by providing customer service and product information.

Building a relationship with clients requires attention to details and gathering comprehensive information on customer needs. Listening to what customers want and providing the necessary information is a key component of this job. The automotive industry requires high quality LEDs since they are used in products with high safety standards and that is why you need to understand the technical aspects of LEDs and their usage.

You will be responsible for remittance information (invoices and transactions), purchase and place orders and organize release of products. You also deal with non-technical inquires, sample requests and handling the sales process and sales orders.

Key Account Managers/Sales Managers are your primary contacts. When they out of the office visiting customers you are their most important support and you will be supervising some of their tasks.

Next to communicating with customers and direct colleagues, you also have daily contact with the Japanese headquarters regarding products and services, shipment dates and launching new company initiatives.

Other responsibilities are:

  • Obtain customer credit information, work with accounting to set up accounts and credit terms
  • Assist with customer requests for qualification documentation
  • Manage and coordinate customer forecasts, product inventory and order status
  • Primary contact for questions for supplier change requests
  • Maintain familiarity company processes, procedures, policies and contracts
  • Reporting to senior account managers in Europe and Japan

At the start of the job, travelling will be limited. You will mainly work from the European headquarters. Once you have gained work experience you can start giving presentations at clients and along the way you can grow into a more responsible position under the supervision of a key account manager.


Highly skilled migrants and EU-citizens are welcome to apply.

Job requirements

  • TU, discipline Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Customer focussed
  • Team player, pro-active and entrepreneurial
  • Excellent communication skills in English and preferably other language(s)
  • Strong time management skills and able to prioritize work


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