junior Software Engineer

(motion simulation platforms)

The company

This fast growing, high-tech company specialises in development and build of simulation platforms for various applications. Located in Noord-Holland, their best known products are the motion systems used in flight training simulators. Apart from that, they also supply simulators for railroad and helicopter flight training, and the entertainment sector. They also provide solutions for force feedback controls such as steering wheels and pedals.

All simulator platforms are designed and assembled in-house, while high precision parts are produced by partners and subcontractors. This company is one of the very few Dutch specialists when it comes to motion simulation and control force simulation, translating into high demand for their services.

The job

The software team is a small group of engineers with different backgrounds. After a brief period of training at the hands of an experienced colleague, you are responsible for developing and maintaining embedded real-time controllers and supporting Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications. This comes with its own set of versatile challenges; you work on the architectural design, software implementation and its testing. Tests are carried out both on (automatic) sub-system and system level, including the hardware. Asking for help is stimulated by the company’s open culture, so if you run aground, there is always back-up.

Additionally, you may also be asked carry out development and maintenance on the Linux real-time operating system. You may also be called upon by the customer support team if they are faced with a problem they cannot readily solve. If such a thing occurs, you are the one to help them back on their way by providing technical assistance.

Thanks to the company’s stimulating and open approach, much above can be learnt on the job.

Job requirements

  • Engineer, discipline Computer Sciences or comparable
  • Experience with systems programming languages, preferably modern C++
  • Affinity with Linux
  • Affinity with GUI Libraries and development (such as Qt)
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Flexible attitude

In addition

Highly skilled migrants and EU-citizens are welcome to apply


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