Design Engineers

(motion simulation platforms)

The company

This fast growing, high-tech company specialises in the development and build of simulation platforms for various applications. Located in Noord-Holland, their best known products are the motion systems used in flight training simulators. Apart from that, they also supply simulators for railroad and helicopter flight training, and the entertainment sector. They also provide solutions for force feedback controls such as steering wheels and pedals. Thanks to their extended experience in the fields of motion systems, hardware platforms and control loaders, they understand simulator requirements in every aspect.

All simulator platforms are designed and assembled in their in-house workshop, while the high precision parts are produced by partners and subcontractors. This company is one of the very few Dutch specialists when it comes to motion simulation and control force simulation, translating into high demand for their services.

The job

You will have a jump start and work immediately on ongoing projects. You learn every technical detail of the simulation platforms: how to install them, how they work and much, much more.

Soon after you start with designing and detailing mechanical constructions in both 3D and 2D. Typical CAD modules you use are sheet metal and kinematic modelling. Your job is to make sure that the mechanical parts are strong enough, can move freely during operation and can be produced according to specifications. Before a new system goes into production it is thoroughly tested in CAD and in real life.

The work involves:

  • Developing new systems and further developing and improve existing ones.
  • Simulating the movement of the system and making sure that all the components fit nicely.
  • Making both production drawings as well as initial FEM, fatigue and vibration calculations.

Other tasks include:

  • Oversee technicians during construction of the developed systems
  • Write installation/maintenance/troubleshooting manuals and technical reports
  • Provide technical assistance to the sales team and customer support team

The great thing about this job is the practical use of your designs. What you see on your screen will actually be produced!

Job requirements

  • TU, discipline Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Knowledge of CAD software, such as CATIA, Solidworks or similar.
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluent both orally and written in English
  • Independent and a team worker
  • Flexible, hands-on and a self-starter


High skilled migrants and EU-citizens are welcome to apply.


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