ERASMUS+ Traineeship Grant

Application Deadline: All year

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€270 - €390 per month

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E+ Student Charter

The Erasmus+ Traineeship grant is available for you, as TU Delft student who will do a traineeship or internship abroad at a company, education centre, university, research centre, or other organisation in one of the participating countries. The countries that participate in the Erasmus+ programme are divided into three groups:





Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

€390 per month
€13 per day


Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

€330 per month
€11 per day


Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Republic of Macedonia

€270 per month
€9 per day

Please note that a calculation will be made on the basis of one month is the equivalent of 30 days.

You are elibile to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship if:

  • You remain enrolled at TU Delft during your exchange;
  • Your traineeship takes place in one of the countries in group 1, 2 or 3;
  • Your traineeship is minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months;
  • During the traineeship you both live and study in the host country;
  • You are not going on traineeship in your country of origin;
  • Your traineeship does not take place at European Institutions or organizations managing EU programmes;
  • Your study programme abroad will count towards your TU Delft degree;
  • Your total mobility duration (including Lifelong Learning Erasmus sub-programme) does not exceed 12 months per study cycle (Bsc/Msc/Phd)
  • You will not receive other EU funding
  • You submit your application 6 weeks before the start date

If you meet all the requirements you can start your application process. The internship office of your faculty can provide you with the necessary application forms. 


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