Virtual Mobility Fund

Application Deadline: All year

Minimum of 6 ECTS

Up to €250


The Board of examiners established the Virtual Mobility Fund in order to promote international educational cooperation by way of virtual networks. Next to study and internship mobility a new kind of exchange comes into being; the so-called Virtual Mobility. International courses and projects are being developed with the aid of ICT. Students and teachers from two or more universities participate from their home institution. In many cases international virtual courses or projects will be concluded with a study week at one of the foreign partners in order to reach a mutual conclusion and to present the end results. The Virtual Mobility fund offers participating TU Delft students a partial contribution to their international travel costs.

To qualify for the Virtual Mobility Fund  grant you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must submit your application before your project/course commences.
  • You have passed all your obligatory first-year BSc courses.
  • You are and will be registered as a full-time student at TU Delft during your stay abroad.
  • Your virtual course/project must form part of your TU Delft academic programme and earn you a minimum of 6 ECTS credits.
  • The goal of the study week abroad is the mutual conclusion of the virtual course/project with all participants.
  • Your travel expenses will not be paid for by a third party.
  • You have not received the Virtual Mobility Fund Grant before.
  • You do not receive any other grants from a TU Delft mobility fund (ERASMUS, IS, STIR etc.) in addition to the Virtual Mobility Fund Grant.
  • The study week does not take place in your country of origin.
  • You have to register your study abroad contact details in OSIRIS (at least 14 days before departure) by which you are automatically eligible for free TU Delft travel Insurance. This allows the TU Delft to contact you abroad in case of emergencies.
  • You are to refrain from engaging in activities of a political and/or commercial nature during your time abroad that could damage the reputation of TU Delft.


The grant consists of a fixed contribution of 50% of the international travel costs up to a maximum of €250. For destinations within the EU and several other countries in Europe travel costs have fixed contributions. For all other European countries the travel costs contributions are also fixed and based on second class rail tickets. For non-European countries the contribution is also fixed and based on the cheapest available air fare.

Application procedure

You must submit your application for a Virtual Mobility Fund grant to the Central International office before the start of your project/course. Grant applications submitted after the start of your project/course will not be processed. Applications should no longer be submitted once the Virtual Mobility Fund is depleted. It is prudent to check with the Central International Office beforehand to ascertain whether grants from the Fund are still being awarded.

Final obligations

You should submit a statement from your supervisor or a transcript stating that you have fulfilled all study obligations and the number of ECTS credits obtained no later than three months after the conclusion of your stay abroad. If you are unable to submit your travel report by the three-month deadline, you may request an extension from the Central International Office. Your request for an extension must be submitted before expiration of the three-month deadline. If you fail to submit the statement within the deadline, your Virtual Mobility Fund grant will be annulled. Your grant will be paid after receipt of this statement on the condition that you have obtained the minimum amount of 6 ECTS credits.

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