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Be different! Choose to do something entirely new and apply to study abroad at a partner University from the TU Delft in Asia. The continent is experiencing large economical and technical developments and has firmly established its position within the world market. More and more companies and businesses are looking for people that have knowledge about this region in the world market. A period abroad in countries like China and Japan is therefore not only challenging and interesting but certainly valuable for your own personal experience.



These developments have definitely put Asia on the map. Countries like China, India and Japan have become major motivators in developments in technology. A tech-based internship in any of these, or other, countries will most certainly not be misplaced on your CV. Asian companies are often still organised  hierarchically, although they keep innovating. Young entrepreneurs with international experiences enable a new way of doing business.

Short stay

Interested in the Chinese culture and society? The Dalian University of Technology  offers you the possibility to emerge yourself. Or perhaps you like to make a trip from all your tech-based courses to more art and social sciences? You can do so with FASStrack Asia at the National University of Singapore. You might have an interested in business, management and engineering as well. Then think about the Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School! These and more universities offer you short stay visits to broaden your world view and gain new experiences.

Student story

Ananda studied at the Tsinghua Universityin Beijing. Check out her experience.


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