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Who says you need to go far to have a great experience in studying abroad? Within Europe you have plenty of opportunities to broaden your horizon. Have you ever thought about studying in a country like Italy or Norway? Or maybe you have been longing to study abroad at a specific university? The University of Bath in England or Lund University in Sweden for example.



An internship outside the Netherlands? More than enough possibilities lay just outside the borders! Go beyond what you know and tread unfamiliar paths. An internship in Spain or Hungary, they might seem nearby but their business culture differs from the Dutch. Keep in mind that you are used to a relatively informal and direct environment, which might be different abroad. A fun learning experience.


Short Stay

Besides exchange programmes that take a semester, lots of universities in Europe offer you short term programmes, often organised in the summer. You can actually just hop on the train to participate in the Athens programme in Leuven, Paris or any other capital city in Europe. You can also participate in the Summer schools of the Technical University of Munich and the University of Exeter, or participate in summer programmes in Aachen, Zurich, Stockholm and Milan organised by the IDEA League. Summer schools in which TU Delft participates often don’t require tuition fees, sometimes you only have to pay for your travel expenses.

Student story

Elke went to the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. Read about her experiences.


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