Study and internship South Africa

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Have you always been dreaming about visiting South Africa? Take your shot and use your study period to go and particpate in an exchange to the University of Stelenbosch. A unique location for an amazing international epxerience and the possibility to maybe even spot the big five! Make sure your faculty has an arrangement with this university.



An internship abroad in Africa offers you exceptional possibilities to participate in various fundamental projects. Projects about accessibility of water or growing vegetables on dry grounds. You might have to adapt to local values, since they are not really used to the directness of the Dutch. The challenge to change a given situation for the better is for sure unforgettable


Short stay

Have you already made plans for the summer? Consider a short stay programme in Africa for a change! The University of Stellenbosch in South Africa organises a summer school about the history and culture of the country. You can choose to participate in all three courses of the programme, but you can also only attend to one of the ten-day courses.


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