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Who doesn’t want to chase the sun and study abroad in Australia? The country of unprecedented and pristine nature, big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and famous beaches. Renowned partner universities of the TU Delft, like the University of Queensland and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’, offer challenging education and a unique location for a study abroad.



Besides studying abroad in Australia, you can also decide to apply for an internship. The Australian business culture doesn’t differ much from Europe, although the atmosphere tends to be a little more easy going than what you might be used to. Businesslife is informal, open, honest and based on equality.


Short stay

Not interested to travel to Australia just for your studies? RMIT University Melbourne and UNSW Australia in New South Wales offer short stay programmes, which enable you to mix business and pleasure and combine your studies with a visit to the highlights of the continent.

Student ervaringen

Stella visited the University of Technology in Sydney! Read about her exchange.


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