Although you will only pay tuition fee at the TU Delft, exchange will for sure cost some money. Fortunately there are some grants and allowances which make it easier to study a semester abroad. More information about finances can be found on the general website of the TU Delft about Study Abroad.


Depending on the country you are going to, there are several grants you can apply for:

  • Erasmus - grant for inside Europe
  • Holland Scholarship - grant for outside Europe
  • STIR - grant for outside Europe

After selection we will invite you for information sessions about the different grants and how to apply. Further, you could have a look on the internet for several private funds. There are lots of private funds for very specific groups of students (for example for female students with Frisian ancestors). It is impossible for us to list all the options. Please be read the requirements and conditions of the grants well and make sure the grant does not interfere with other funds you might receive.


  • Exchange your OV-card for an allowance during your stay abroad.
  • If you need vaccinations, you can receive an allowance. You should download a form from our website, have it signed by us and take it with you if you go to SGZ Delft for your vaccinations.


Check the website of DUO to get information about the possibilities to continue your loan during your stay abroad.

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