Steps for teachers when taking students abroad

Are you taking a group of students on an excursion/field trip abroad? Then don't forget to take the following steps to ensure students travel safely and properly insured.

Note: this is important even if you are only going for one or two days.

Step 1

In principle study-related trips are only made to countries designated Code Green or Yellow (see the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BuZA)). A decision to travel to any area designated Code Orange must be taken in consultation with Safety & Security and subsequently approved by the dean.

Designated Code Green / Yellow:
Make sure the student registers in Osiris well ahead:

At least eight weeks in advance for (mandatory) safety training (see step 3).

Step 2

Make sure you receive the student's confirmation of registration in Osiris email. This is the proof of registration for the trip at TU Delft and of registration in the collective travel insurance.

Step 3

Make sure that the student completes the safety training at TU Delft Safety and Security (Integrale Veiligheid).
The student should register for the trip himself/herself via Blackboard.
In the event of Code Orange, the teacher/secretary, in consultation with Safety & Security, can register the entire group together via Important: it is always the personal responsibility of the student to ensure they have taken the safety & security training.

Training is based on the travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Travel advice code Orange* = safety training compulsory
Travel advice code Green or Yellow = safety training recommended
Code Red = travel for study purposes is prohibited.

* approval by the dean is required

Step 4

Take emergency telephone numbers and the steps to be taken in the event of an emergency with you. This applies to the organiser and each individual student.


In the event of an emergency or incident during your stay abroad:

  1. Call the emergency number of the insurance company Chartis (AIG): +31 10 4535656 and have the TU Delft travel insurance policy number ready: 60.10.4117
  2. Call the emergency number of the embassy/consulate which you have noted down,
  3. Inform the TU Delft control room: +31 15 278 1226
  4. Inform your TU Delft supervisor and/or your faculty international office.
  5. Inform your parents and local supervisor

More information

See the video and checklist on for added information about these steps.

For more information, contact TU Delft Safety and Security (Integrale Veiligheid) via

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