Forms & Downloads


There is a great deal of paperwork involved in arranging to study abroad. Below is a list of all the forms and downloads which can help you in arranging your study abroad period:



Orientation: partner university overview (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment)

Available exchange places 2018-2019
(version 27th September 2017)

Orientation: Programme Study Abroad Week 2017

Programme Study Abroad Week BK 2017

Orientation: presentation Study Abroad Week 2016

Presentation International Office November 2016

Online application form exchange

Online application form Exchange

Erasmus Grant

Presentation application for Erasmus grant March 2017

Approval of courses (BSc students only)

Aanvraagformulier goedkeuring vrije en externe minor

Before you leave: vaccination allowance

Vaccination certificate 

Upon return: recognition of your courses

Academic achievements abroad

Upon return: conversion of credits and marks

Conversion of credits and marks

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