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Selection by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment means that we are going to nominate you with our partner university. Either we or the host university will then email the application/registration forms or information to you. Once we have nominated you, we expect you to act, independently and actively. Visit the host university’s website and investigate their application procedure and deadlines. Take action if and when necessary. Read all their information carefully before you decide to send them your questions. It is your own responsibility to meet the application deadline.

The host university has different requirements for the application than the faculty does. So, please adjust your application documents (motivation letter, CV, portfolio, etcetera) to the requirements of the host! Maybe needless to say, but you should of course address the motivation letter to the host university you are applying to. If you mentioned several options for exchange in your letter for the faculty selection, don't forget to remove the options for which you were not selected!

If applications must be sent by regular post, always send them through the International Office. You can use a TU Delft envelope, address it correctly and leave it in the “Uitgaande Post” folder in the International Office. Do not wait until the very last day! Your registration with the partner university will not be official until you have received their admission letter / letter of acceptance. Keep in mind that our partner universities work with strict deadlines!

Please note: Our nomination does not automatically mean that you will be accepted by the host university. The host university may always turn down an application. Your placement abroad is only final once it has been accepted by the host university. . Do not book your flight or sublet your room until you have received your admission letter from the host university. The faculty is not liable for any extra costs, such as tickets, cancellation fees etc.

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