Course selection and approval

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The study load for one semester is equal to 30 credits. The host university will inform you which courses you are allowed to take as an exchange student or it is mentioned on their website. Some universities choose to offer special course packages for exchange students.


Bachelor’s students may only visit universities where they can follow courses at Bachelor’s level. Bachelor students are allowed to follow a maximum of 10 credits of first year courses, but only if they are necessary for the minor abroad. More information about minors in general can be found here
Bachelor students must submit their proposed minor programme with the Board of Examiners prior to their study abroad period, by filling in the “Aanvraag goedkeuring vrije en externe minor” form.

Approval ‘Externe Minor’
Only for Bachelor 5/minor students: The Board of examiners must approve the courses you plan to take abroad. This approval must be obtained prior to the start of the study period abroad. You must fill in the form ‘Aanvraagformulier goedkeuring vrije en externe minor’ and, together with all the other required documents, hand it in at the Board of Examiners in BG.Oost.110 or email it to The Board’s reaction term is 40 days at the most. Please allow for this time by handing in your documents as early as possible.

If you change your courses during your stay abroad, you must send a new request for approval to the Board of Examiners. The approval and changed Learning Agreement must be sent to the International Office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Upon return, both BSc and MSc students should fill in a form in order to transfer the credit points gained abroad. More information can be found here.


Master’s students may only visit universities where they can follow courses at Master’s level. Students at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment can follow their MSc2 electives abroad (Geomatics students can follow their MSc3 electives abroad). Information on compulsory courses can be found in the study guide. The degree programmes and degree levels are indicated on the list of partner universities. Not all partner universities informed us about (all) the degree programmes they offer. Therefore please always check the website of the partner university to see if your degree programme (track) is offered at the partner university.  
If a degree level (MSc) is not on the list, it means that it is not available within the agreement we have with the university concerned.

Master students don't have to ask the Board of Examiners for approval of their courses before their exchange period. Upon return, MSc students should fill in a form in order to transfer the credit points gained abroad. More information can be found here. The Board of Examiners will assess the level of the courses and if the courses meet the requirments of the track.

NB: Master students may have to allow for a possible delay in the progress of their studies as, at their host universities, it is not always possible to obtain the credits for the mandatory subjects.

Design project Architecture track

MSc 2 Architecture students follow three compulsory courses in the MSc 2 programme: a thesis, Architectural Sustainability and a 12 credits design project. Besides the electives, the design project can also be taken abroad. Upon return the Board of Examiners will assess if the project meets the required MSc1/2 learning objectives and level.
A MSc1/2 design project for the Architecture track should have a significant level on the following 3 aspects:

  • Functional, architectural, aesthetics, building technology, materialization;
  • Contextual analysis of the surroundings and analysis from typology until materialization;
  • Presentation in drawings and posters.

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