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Before you leave there are several practical things you should arrange. Here you can find some of those important things. Please mind that this is not a checklist: keep in mind other things you might need to do.

Registration of your stay abroad (OSIRIS and 24/7 BuZa Information service)

If you are going abroad as part of your TU Delft degree programme, you are obliged to register your contact information in OSIRIS. Click here for more information. After registering and filling out your contact information in OSIRIS you fall, for the study related part of your foreign travel, under the collective travel insurance of the TU Delft. The crisis centre of the insurance and, where necessary, the Dutch Embassy (or your own) will assist you in case of emergency. You should also register your stay at the 24/7 BZ Information service of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ).

Travel Safety Training

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment recommends every student who goes abroad for an exchange semester or internship to follow a Travel Safety Training given by the Central International Office. More information about dates, locations and registration can be found here.

OV-student card compensation

If you have a OV-student card financed by the government (Dutch students), you can receive a compensation for the months you are abroad. Please mind that you will only receive a compensation for complete months. The exact rules can be found on the DUO website. You can fill a form on the DUO website, print it and have it signed at the International Office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (BG.Oost.240, open office hours: every working day 12:30-13:30).


If you need vaccinations for your stay abroad, you can receive a compensation for the costs (not the total amount) if you get your vaccinations at SGZ Delft. First fill in a form from our website (Forms & Downloads) and come to our office to have it signed. Then make an appointment for vaccination at SGZ and take the form with you.

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