Short stay / internship / other options abroad

Exchange is a relatively easy and cheap option to go abroad. The international office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment helps you with a lot of paperwork, your courses can be used in your minor or as electives, the host university will help you with visa, housing and insurances and you don't need to pay tuition fee abroad! You only pay the tuition fee at the TU Delft.

However, there might be reasons why you are not interested in exchange. Like, you prefer to stay abroad for a shorter period (exchange is always for one semester), you would like to go to a university with which we don't have an exchange agreement, you are not selected for exchange, you would like to do an internship abroad, e.g. Maybe the following options are interesting for you!

  • Internship abroad (only possible during the minor, facilitated by the internship coordinators)
  • Athens Week (one week programme, facilitated by the Central International Office of the TU Delft)
  • Summer school (paid, find announcements for Summer School programmes here and here)
  • Study a semester at a university which is not a partner of our faculty (paid)
  • IDEA League (facilitated by the Central International Office of the TU Delft)
  • UniTech programme (facilitated by the Central International Office of the TU Delft)
  • Global E3 programme (Central International Office of the TU Delft facilitates this programme, however we should nominate you. Please contact us if interested!)
  • Climate KIC (Europe's largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Only for the master Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. Facilitated by Climate KIC)
  • NAHSS (The NAHSS gives talented TU Delft student the unique chance to expand their knowledge in Asia. During the summer school you can participate in multiple courses within different disciplines.) 

Please mind that these options are not facilitated by the International Office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. We can however sign some forms for you:

  • Vaccination allowance form (please bring the form and a confirmation that the period abroad is for studies)
  • OV-card allowance form (information and form on website of DUO)
  • Athens Week application form

Please bring the printed forms with you when you come to our office during open office hours (every working day from 12:30-1:30 p.m. BG.Oost.240).

For more information about the options listed above please also visit the website of CIO. Further:

  • You should always register your stay abroad in OSIRIS! Click here and here for more information.
  • You shouldn't forget to register for a Travel Safety Training if you go abroad for a longer period (internship e.g.) or if you go to an area which is indicated with a Safety code orange.
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