Visa & insurances

Students with an EU passport do not need a visa to study in another EU country. See the EP Nuffic website for information about studying in other countries. If you are selected to study at a partner university in a country for which a visa is required, you should apply for this yourself and in good time. You will receive a letter of invitation and any other necessary papers from the hostuniversity for your visa application, and if needed the International Office can issue a Study Abroad declaration. For detailed information about visa and procedures you should contact the embassy or consulate of the guest country, EP Nuffic, or the website of the partner university. Make sure you begin your application in plenty of time. These procedures often require a good deal of patience, as well as time (and money). Students with a non-EU-passport should contact the International Relations/Visa section via the Front Office of the Central Student Administration.

Registration in OSIRIS
If you will be going abroad as part of your TU Delft degree programme, you are obliged to register your contact information in OSIRIS. Click here and here for more information and to find out exactly what you need to do. After registering and filling out your contact information in Osiris you fall, for the study related part of your foreign travel, under the collective travel insurance of the TU Delft. The crisis centre of the insurance and, where necessary, the Dutch Embassy (or your own) will assist you in case of emergency. The TU Delft travel insurance only covers the necessary medical costs directly related to an accident or sickness during your stay abroad. Treatments that can be postponed until your return in The Netherlands will not be covered.

Health insurance
Check with your health insurance whether you are covered for the actual medical costs abroad. In many countries medical care is more expensive abroad and you should know if all costs are covered. Request an European Health Insurance Card if it is not at the back of your insurance card already. You can ask your insurance how to request the card or go the the website of EHIC.

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