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Further deepen your knowledge in the MSc (extra certificate)

MSc students Civil Engineering and Geosciences can choose to earn an extra annotation in addition to their Master programme. A special certificate will be issued if conditions are met. Conditions vary per annotation and usually require to deepen your knowledge on the subject by studying a set of additional electives, a focus course together with all other students of TU Delft taking the same annotation and a focus on the chosen subject in the thesis. This option might be very interesting for our CEG students following the honours programme.

The following annotations are possible (depending on the track and specialisation you follow). Please ask your MSc coordinator for more information.

MSc Applied Earth Sciences (AES)

  • Technology in Sustainable Development
  • Entrepreneurship
    (see MSc AES IR, articles 8 - 9, p. 9-10)

MSc Civil Engineering (CE)

MSc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL)

MSc Construction, Management en Engineering (CME)

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