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The graduation project (course code ID4x95) is the masterpiece that completes either one of the three Master degree programs offered by the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft):

  • Integrated Product Design (IPD),
  • Design for Interaction (DfI),
  • Strategic Product Design (SPD).

These pages contain all the information regarding the graduation project and the documents that are related to it.

Sneak preview, Graduation Project 2018

(ID4190-16, ID4290-16, and ID4390-16)

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The full time part of the graduation project is scheduled to take 20 weeks, but the orientation and preparation for the project start in the third semester of the Master programme, during the third week of the Generic and Professional Skills course. The entire timespan can roughly be divided into six phases:

  • Inspiration – what type of graduation project would I like to work on?
  • Preparation – setting up the assignment and supervisory team
  • Pre green light – doing research and developing ideas and concepts
  • Post green light – evaluating the design and fulfilling administrative obligations
  • Pre graduation – finalising and uploading the graduation deliverables
  • Post-graduation – ending your subscription as student
  • For all documents related to the phases above, please click here 

If you have any questions concerning graduation, please contact Graduation Support.

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