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Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Ontwikkeling schaats hulpmiddel voor kinderen met handicap (Stichting HSG)

11 december 2017

De Stichting Haagse Sportstimulering voor Gehandicapten (Stichting HSG) heeft ten doel om het welzijn en de sociale participatie te bevorderen van Haagse mensen met een beperking, door het stimuleren van sporten en/of bewegen in de breedste zin. De Stichting HSG wil daartoe zowel ondersteunen en faciliteren, als voorlichten en verbinden.Lees verder


4D Body Scanning for Custom-Fit Garments Made of Biomaterials (TU Delft)

30 november 2017

2017/2018 Graduate Projects of Advanced Manufacturing | Keywords: fast fashion, biomaterial, 4D scanning, 3D fabricationLees verder


Fast Moulding for Developing Custom-Fit Garments of Biomaterials (TU Delft)

30 november 2017

2017/2018 Graduate Projects of Advanced Manufacturing | Keywords: fast fashion, biomaterial, 4D scanning, 3D fabricationLees verder


How to keep your trolley golf bag dry?

23 november 2017

We, Rutger Wijnholt and Hans Schokkenbroek are two graduates from Rotterdam and Delft who share a common passion in golf. We are both seasoned self-employed professionals who have learnt to live from the heart and enjoy everything this world has to offer.Lees verder


Development of energy generating windows (Physee)

23 november 2017

At PHYSEE we have a thorough belief in sustainable innovation without compromise. Innovation, which brings added value for our customers, is without compromising on the aesthetics, technology or costs. Holding on to this belief has led us to designing and producing the world’s first fully transparent, energy generating window.Lees verder


Role of 3D food printing in the supermarket of the future (Albert Heijn)

16 november 2017

3D printing provides new opportunities also in the food area. It makes it possible to create and replicate new food structures and textures. In addition, it allows for creating, exchanging and customizing recipes. We see the 3D printer as a device that enables users to go through a fairly complex process (in terms of timing, processing steps, 3D structuring) in a simple way.Lees verder


Medesign graduation assignment (Wensambulance Brabant)

13 november 2017

Wensambulance (“Wish-ambulance”) Brabant is a non-profit organisation with the aim to give terminal ill patients the possibility to make their last dreams come true. Professional volunteers; drivers and nurses guide patients who can hardly, not walk at all or even sit that only special place have they liked to visit that one last time; a place or event full of memories or just matching a nice...Lees verder


Development SmartFrame (TU Delft & Océ Technologies)

06 november 2017

The SmartFrame is an exhibition setup that allows users to touch a 3D printed reproduction of Van Gogh. It is an interactive exhibition setup where users can receive information on the part of the painting they touch. With use of illumination and an audio tour users will learn more about the painting and the painter.Lees verder


Several graduation projects on smart materials (TU Delft)

06 november 2017

Information: | professor Emerging Materials, TU Delft / IOLees verder


3D Thermal Hand Scanning (Vectory3)

06 november 2017

Are you an IPD student looking for a challenging technical Graduation Project?Lees verder


Happy dreams for everybody (Bedding House BV)

06 november 2017

Company: Bedding House BV | Chair: prof. K.M.B. Jansen, k.m.b.jansen@tudelft.nlLees verder


Smart cooling shirts with air cooling (TU Delft)

06 november 2017

Imagine yourself leaving house and entering this heavy wall of heat and humidity. You start to sweat but then suddenly your shirt becomes alive and starts to cool you with a fresh cold air stream.Lees verder


The Green Screen (CTOUCH)

06 november 2017

Enhancing the sustainability of touch-sensitive screensLees verder


The Butler In The Board (Ctouch)

06 november 2017

Help the Smart Board be Smart and HelpfulLees verder


Design a lightweight comfortable aircraft seat (TU Delft and Aeroworks)

06 november 2017

Aeroworks (in The Hague-Ypenburg) and prof Peter Vink are looking for an IPD student (graduation) who can design a new aircraft seat.Lees verder


A luminous data skin for a 3D-printed smart bridge (TU Delft)

25 oktober 2017

Design and develop a lighting infrastructure for a sensorequipped 3D-printed bridge to visualise dynamic health aspects as part of the physical structure. | IPD Graduation ProjectLees verder


The quantified wheelchair (TU Delft)

25 oktober 2017

Empowering wheelchair users with self-tracking technologies | IPD graduation projectLees verder


Patient Coaching for Medical Procedures (Philips Healthcare)

19 oktober 2017

A new era of healthcare is emerging, one in which people increasingly take ownership of their own health and well-being, supported by a health industry that is rapidly transforming in innovative ways. At Philips we improve healthcare by focusing on the people in the care cycle – patients and care providers. Through combining human insights and clinical expertise, we aim to improve patient...Lees verder


A modular system for food production in the city (Riverfood)

19 oktober 2017

Riverfood: An innovative sustainable production company of fish, fruit and vegetables in the city seeks help with the development of an unique modular aquaponic system.Lees verder


Metal 3d printing: Market research and strategic design of a viable concept (Ultimaker)

19 oktober 2017

Ultimaker is looking for a SPD graduate who explores the market potential of combining 3d printing with metal sintering principles and uses this to design a viable concept. Lees verder


Offering innovative solutions for organizations like Knab, Van Lanschot, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and more (Virtual Affairs)

19 oktober 2017

Virtual Affairs is specialized in developing and innovating digital channels (websites, apps, portals, etc.) so that banks and insurers can service their customers.Lees verder


Crafting at the human scale (Tiwanee van der Horst)

19 oktober 2017

From 3D printing to 3D painting | Application deadline November 1st 2017Lees verder


Design of medical device with human interaction (Vitestro BV)

24 september 2017

Vitestro is going to bring in vitro diagnostics closer to the patient. Our initial aim is to develop a medical device to automate the venipuncture process, which is required to draw blood. This medical device should increase quality and reduce costs. We are in the start-up phase with a very strong team consisting of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, including medical robotics, computer...Lees verder


The green connection: design as a strategy towards a healthier city (Open4Citizens)

21 september 2017

Various green initiatives have joined forces to strengthen existing initiatives and demonstrate their societal impact by healthy city design. The more people can participate in green initiatives, the healthier the neighbourhood becomes.Lees verder


Development of a Raman Guided Surgery (RGS) device - RiverD

11 september 2017

RiverD is a Rotterdam-based MedTech company which started its activities in 2003 as a spin-out of the Erasmus MC.Lees verder


Design a standardized solution for product families (EDS Casting & Forging)

11 september 2017

EDS-Casting & Forging (EDS) is a company specialised in the development and supply of metal parts focussing on castings and forgings. Its customers include DAF Trucks, Caterpillar, Krone, and Schmitz-Cargobull, as well as smaller companies which have no in-house engineering or casting capabilities.Lees verder


Interactive presenation table (WT Interactive)

11 september 2017

WT interactive is looking for a motivated trainee who becomes part of the team to develop a new interactive presentation table. Your assignment will be to design the new interactive table. Lees verder


Going Camera (Philips Lighting - Research)

11 september 2017

How can Philips Lighting leverage its lighting infrastructure to enable and monetize new data enabled services based on a camera platform?Lees verder


Supporting therapy choice of young adults living with cancer (IKNL)

09 september 2017

IKNL, the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation, is dedicated to continuously improve the care for cancer patients in the Netherlands. Therefore, we maintain the Netherlands Cancer Registry (NCR) of virtually all Dutch cancer patients.Lees verder


Studying the well-being enviroment of Rotterdam Airport (VITA Sensation, NEWAS BV)

09 september 2017

IPD or DfI student wanted.Lees verder


Onderzoek naar elektrisch vervoer (EV Consult)

02 september 2017

EVConsult is een strategisch adviesbureau dat vanuit Amsterdam en Antwerpen wereldwijd werkt aan het versnellen van duurzame mobiliteit.Lees verder


Circularity in commercial real estate (The Student Hotel)

02 september 2017

Interested in writing your dissertation for a dynamic company? Are you interested in real estate development design and do you have affinity with making the world a better place? We are looking for an enthusiastic student to support our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Development team by conducting research related to real estate development and circularity.Lees verder


Designing the coffee machine of the chemical industry (Zero Emission Fuels)

08 augustus 2017

Master thesis opportunity: designing the coffee machine of the chemical industry; a small scale chemical plant as a product.Lees verder


Design and visualise design processes (InnoBoost)

21 juli 2017

Are you a SPD’er who loves to design and visualize processes? Then this growing innovation cooperative is looking for you to standardize the way we work.Lees verder


Nightstand: from concept to market development (Matras Recycling Europe)

20 juli 2017

Circular economy, mattress recycling, nightstand, market strategyLees verder


Create a clean aircraft lavatory concept (Zodiac Aerospace)

19 juli 2017

World leader in aerospace equipment and systems on board commercial, regional and business aircraft as well as helicopters, Zodiac Aerospace is also a key player in air safety.Lees verder


Visual feedback on own movement for CANS (RSI) patients (Reinier de Graaf)

19 juli 2017

A second graduation project on the support of CANS (RSI) recuperationLees verder


Cognitive behavioural therapy for CANS (RSI) patients (Reinier de Graaf)

19 juli 2017

Support for graded exposure, a cognitive behavioural therapy for CANS patients.Lees verder


Several graduation opportunities (ITRI Taiwan)

13 juli 2017

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a nonprofit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical services, aiming to innovate a better future. Founded in 1973, ITRI has been dedicated to helping industries stay competitive and sustainable.Lees verder


A Fitbit for your hand? (Erasmus MC and Rijndam Revalidatie)

04 juli 2017

A Fitbit for your hand? Improving daily-life upper-limb use after stroke by objective feedback on arm and hand use | Start date: September 2017Lees verder

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