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Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Designing the future Airbus aircraft (flying V) interior (Airbus & TUDelft)

16 augustus 2017

New more fuel-efficient aircrafts are being developed. The faculty of Aerospace Engineering in collaboration with the Future Projects office of Airbus are now studying the flying V principle for long haul flights.Lees verder


Designing the coffee machine of the chemical industry (Zero Emission Fuels)

08 augustus 2017

Master thesis opportunity: designing the coffee machine of the chemical industry; a small scale chemical plant as a product.Lees verder


Intelligent use of 3D printing to improve accuracy and efficiency of superficial hyperthermia (Erasmus MC)

07 augustus 2017

Within the hyperthermia unit, patients with cancer are being treated by raising tumor temperatures to the range of 40 - 45°C. Around 150 new patients are being treated each year with hyperthermia to improve radiotherapy. A ceiling mounting system is used to position the hyperthermia applicators at various sites of the body (chest wall, legs etc) for treatment of superficially located tumors....Lees verder


Design of medical device with human interaction (Vitestro BV)

25 juli 2017

Bringing in vitro diagnostics closer to the patient.Lees verder


Design and visualise design processes (InnoBoost)

21 juli 2017

Are you a SPD’er who loves to design and visualize processes? Then this growing innovation cooperative is looking for you to standardize the way we work.Lees verder


Nightstand: from concept to market development (Matras Recycling Europe)

20 juli 2017

Circular economy, mattress recycling, nightstand, market strategyLees verder


Applications for 3D Fine Art reproductions (in collaboration with Science Centre Delft)

19 juli 2017

Are you interested in art? Do you like to built a new exhibition set-up where it is possible to touch and interact with 3D printed replicas of Rembrandt and Van Gogh? Then this graduation assignment could be perfect for you!Lees verder


Create a clean aircraft lavatory concept (Zodiac Aerospace)

19 juli 2017

World leader in aerospace equipment and systems on board commercial, regional and business aircraft as well as helicopters, Zodiac Aerospace is also a key player in air safety.Lees verder


Visual feedback on own movement for CANS (RSI) patients (Reinier de Graaf)

19 juli 2017

A second graduation project on the support of CANS (RSI) recuperationLees verder


Cognitive behavioural therapy for CANS (RSI) patients (Reinier de Graaf)

19 juli 2017

Support for graded exposure, a cognitive behavioural therapy for CANS patients.Lees verder


Develop a product roadmap for a med tech company (spin off RiverD)

17 juli 2017

Development of a product roadmap for a spin-off MedTech company of RiverD International that will bring revolutionary products for oncologic surgery to market.Lees verder


Conceptontwikkeling Smartpan (ATAG)

13 juli 2017

Traditionele koekenpannen worden of met gas of inductie verwarmd. Een bepaalde stand van de kookplaat geeft een vast vermogen aan de pan.Lees verder


Several graduation opportunities (ITRI Taiwan)

13 juli 2017

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a nonprofit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical services, aiming to innovate a better future. Founded in 1973, ITRI has been dedicated to helping industries stay competitive and sustainable.Lees verder


Ontwerp een concept voor patiënten in een kwetsbare positie (Zorgkeuzelab & MyFutures)

11 juli 2017

Ben jij op zoek naar een afstudeeropdracht en geïnteresseerd in ontwerpen voor het medische veld? Zorgkeuzelab & MyFutures bieden een interessant project aan!Lees verder


A Fitbit for your hand? (Erasmus MC and Rijndam Revalidatie)

04 juli 2017

A Fitbit for your hand? Improving daily-life upper-limb use after stroke by objective feedback on arm and hand use | Start date: September 2017Lees verder


Thermal 3D Hand Scanning (TU Delft)

30 juni 2017

Are you an IPD* student looking for a challenging technical Graduation Project starting September?Lees verder


Mobility and Big Data (Conexxion)

27 juni 2017

Zingende buschauffeurs en blije reizigers, daar zit muziek inLees verder


Designing a novel interaction concept (the Netherlands Cancer Registry)

26 juni 2017

IKNL, the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation, is dedicated to continuously improve the care for cancer patients in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are responsible for the registry of all Dutch cancer patients.Lees verder


Embedding ‘systems thinking’ in circular design thinking (CIRCO)

26 juni 2017

Looking for an SPD student!Lees verder


Communicating Risk - Vaccination for childhood diseases (RIVM)

25 juni 2017

DESIGN CASE: VACCINATION FOR CHILDHOOD DISEASES Designing novel ways of presenting quantitative risk information using visualisations in order to support people’s decision making.Lees verder


Communicating Risk - Breast Cancer Screening (RIVM)

25 juni 2017

DESIGN CASE: BREAST CANCER SCREENING Designing novel ways of presenting quantitative risk information using visualisations in order to support people’s decision making.Lees verder


Communicating Risk - Food safety (RIVM)

25 juni 2017

DESIGN CASE: FOOD SAFETY Designing novel ways of presenting quantitative risk information using visualisations in order to support people’s decision making.Lees verder


Develop the first vitamin drink dispenser for low income households (BoP Innovation Center)

07 juni 2017

Many low-income communities in Africa and South Asia consume water that is contaminated. And while there are plenty of water treatment solutions available, people often do not see the advantages. Therefore, BoP Innovation Center wants to work together with the industry to make household water filtration systems more aspirational. For example, by developing a low-cost solution that automatically...Lees verder


De corrigerende 3D-spalk (Podotherapie Fuit en van Houten)

03 juni 2017

Bij verschillende groepen mensen kan een scheefstand van een teen of verschillende tenen tot problemen leiden. Deze problemen kunnen uiteen lopen van hinderlijke gevoeligheid of lastig schoenen te kopen tot niet-genezende wonden en amputaties bij suikerpatiënten en progressieve scheefgroei met ontstekingen bij mensen met spasmen of reumapatiënten. Deze problemen kunnen een forse impact hebben op...Lees verder


User experience ontwerp voor zorgprofessionals in COPD interventie (Medicine Men)

28 mei 2017

Master thesis voor een IDE student met interesse in user experience design.Lees verder


Develop a helicopter pilot’s smart sensor suit concept (AEOLUS: Royal Netherlands Airforce and TNO)

19 mei 2017

AEOLUS Human Performance Innovation is a joint innovation center focusing on Human Performance under Extreme Conditions in Military Aerospace. It is an ecosystem, a network of relations between organizations, a platform and environment for interrelated innovative programs.Lees verder


Develop new outdoor product for Braided flax fibre reinforced composites materials (NPSP)

16 mei 2017

We are looking for a creative IDE graduate who can address the questions mentioned and make a design which fits the company and demonstrates the stunning material properties and advantages of the digital robotised high tech braiding production techniques.Lees verder


Developing a novel cooling bolus for head and neck cancer patients undergoing hyperthermia treatment (Erasmus MC)

16 mei 2017

Your assignment will be the implementation, investigation and improvement of the novel cooling bolus concept. In particular, you will focus on improvements related to the cooling properties of the bolus.Lees verder


Smart cooling shirts with 3D printed vortex tubes (TU Delft)

16 mei 2017

Imagine yourself leaving house and entering this heavy wall of heat and humidity. You start to sweat but then suddenly your shirt becomes alive and starts to cool you with a fresh cold air stream.Lees verder


Improving Well-being in Intensive Care Units: A Case of ICU Cockpit Design (Erasmus MC)

12 mei 2017

The Intensive Care Unit, a Stressful EnvironmentLees verder


IoT Solution for Healthcare in developing countries (Coolfinity)

11 mei 2017

Coolfinity is a start-up that makes cooling systems to overcome long power outages to keep vaccines, medication food & beverages cool.Lees verder


Development of disposable diagnostic Point of Care biochip. (Enzyre BV)

10 mei 2017

Dr. Waander van Heerde, Chief Scientific Officer Enzyre BVEnzyre BV, Nijmegenwww.enzyre.comLees verder


Creating innovative solutions for Knab, Rabobank, ABN-Amro and more. (Virtual Affairs)

09 mei 2017

Virtual Affairs is specialized in developing and innovating digital channels so that banks and insurers can service their customers. Providing 17 years of experience in customer behavior in the finance domain we know what works. We deliver proven solutions to simplify complex processes for the end-user. In an environment of complex financial processes, rules and systems this is often challenging,...Lees verder


Tools to support thinking about personal futures (MyFutures)

03 mei 2017

MyFutures is een onderzoeksproject van de TU Delft en de Design Academy Eindhoven met als onderwerp: “Tools to support thinking about personal futures”. Lees verder


Implementing Design Thinking at Exact. (TU Delft)

01 mei 2017

Exact is a leading supplier of business empowerment software, working with over 300,000 companies worldwide. Their goal to be in the global top 3 of business software providers and a marquee player in the field of innovative and inspirational cloud solutions.Lees verder


Implementing Design Thinking at Exact. (TU Delft)

01 mei 2017

Exact is a leading supplier of business empowerment software, working with over 300,000 companies worldwide. Their goal to be in the global top 3 of business software providers and a marquee player in the field of innovative and inspirational cloud solutions.Lees verder


Understanding consumers’ responses to bio -based packaging (Alpro)

01 april 2017

Research -based graduation project at TetraPak (joint project with Alpro) Lees verder


Cyber-physical driving tutor (TU Delft)

29 maart 2017

There is an enormous increase in the number of people who would like to learn driving, no matter if they are young or old. Lees verder


Investigation next steps in innovative cooking (ATAG Nederland)

23 maart 2017

ATAG Netherlands is a leading supplier of kitchen appliances. We are a Dutch company and sell kitchen appliances of the well known brands ATAG, Pelgrim and ETNA. The company is known as innovative; especially with our proprietary burner technology and innovative kitchen appliances, we are at the forefront of our industry. Continuously respond to new developments and offering customer-oriented...Lees verder


Ontwikkel en test methodes het best gebruikt kunnen worden in de Agile manier van werken (ALTEN)

21 maart 2017

Heb jij passie voor IT en neem je graag een uitdaging aan? ALTEN biedt jou de mogelijkheid om af te studeren in een innovatieve omgeving waarin je (technische) kennis en ervaring op doet onder begeleiding van zeer ervaren IT professionals. Lees verder

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