Credits for MOOCs

Earn credits with online courses!

Did you know that you can take online courses to enrich your educational portfolio? TU Delft has partnered with leading universities around the world to launch a new initiative called ‘Credits for MOOCs’.

By incorporating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in your educational portfolio, you will benefit from the expertise made available through online courses, not only from TU Delft but also from its partner universities.

As of February 2017, you (and students from our partner universities) will be able to use online courses as part of a free minor, as electives in master programme, or in honour’s programmes. These online courses will include an assessment required to receive credits for MOOCs.


Scheme of upcoming exams for Credits for MOOCs.

How to apply?

Find a MOOC of your choice(1) from TU Delft or any of our partner universities worldwide.

Complete your online application form(2). It is no longer possible to apply for Credits for MOOCs. The deadline has passed.

You will be notified by e-mail if you have been selected for ‘Credits for MOOCs’ and now you can start your online course.



  1. Make sure that you know what is expected from you in doing a MOOC for credits (workload, required prior knowledge, assessment).
  2. This application process is only to ensure that you can participate and that the result will be added to your grade list in Osiris. For approval of the MOOC as part of your study programme (e.g. elective, or part of free minor), you have to follow the procedures of your faculty or BSc/MSc programme. For the Honours Programme Bachelor Interdisciplinary there is a maximum of 2 ECTS. Find information about qualifications at Blackboard. For the other part of your Honours Programme you have to follow the procedures at your faculty. All MOOCs in this programme have a maximum capacity for ‘Credits for MOOCs’ students.

Benefits of the 'Credits for MOOCs' programme

  • Enrich your portfolio:  Choose electives from a growing diverse portfolio of online courses from TU Delft and other leading universities.
  • Access to expertise: Tap into the expertise of world-class academic staff in prestigious universities around the world without travelling.
  • Online and flexible: Enjoy a completely online and flexible learning experience. With 24/7 access you can study at the time and place that suits you.
  • Diverse learning experiences: User-friendly online courses offer different types of learning activities, content in multiple formats and flexible choices to maximize your learning experience.
  • Connect: Through active and social learning you can connect with a community of online learners. 
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